CT Lung Nodule Assessment (LNA)

For diagnostic use and low-dose CT lung cancer screening

ct lung

Get vital support in reading and following up complex oncology cases – even on low-dose CT chest scans looking for chest pathologies


  • Implementation with Fleischner guidelines
  • Assess the likelihood of malignancy of a detected lung nodule using image-based features and clinical information.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis with a variety  of tools, such as a set of segmentation and editing tools (2D and 3D) and LungRADS categorisation reporting. The intuitive user interface and advanced workflow keep things moving fast.
  • New Auto Prefill Parameters present the data and measurements generated by the application: Prifissural/Subpleural, Emphysema, Endobronchial
  • New Lung and Lube segmentation

NEW for NA market - VeraLook CAD1

Automatically detect potential polyps in CT colonography exams

dynacad prostate
1 Available only in the US

VeraLook from iCAD is a sophisticated Virtual colonoscopy CAD software engine specifically designed to automatically detect potential polyps in the colon. The software is integrated into the review workstation software and performs analysis on the original CT images. The CAD algorithm includes image processing and pattern recognition technology to detect potential polyps. The algorithm was trained on an extensive library of Virtual colonoscopy exams with known polyp and non-polyp examples.


  • Identify colon polyps to aid in the reading process
  • Integrate with specialised Virtual colonoscopy reading environments
  • Improve confidence, productivity and workflow
  • Streamline the reading process and improve consistency

CT Virtual Colonoscopy

Enhance confidence and productivity

virtual colonoscopy
  • Colon editing GUI - improved workflow and usability:

–Simplified floating dialog with editing tools per segment

Draw new centerline  - Allows creation of a complete new centerline over the whole colon while keeping the segmentation intact.

–Center line creation allows real time update of centerline points

–Optimised layout for center line creation and editing

  • VC User Preference for:

–Colon color

–Cleaning method

  • “Save User Settings” – allows saving user preferences for application options: compare, link, Spread mode and Layout.
  • New “Mirror layout” for dual monitor mode.