Clinical suites

Clinical suites

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Clinical demands are getting more specific. So are we.


Each patient and each disease has very specific challenges, complexities and needs. As the number of procedures and patients goes up, you can see the need for better forms of image guidance and interventional devices for effective treatment and decision making. That's why we created clinical suites, a flexible portfolio of integrated technologies, devices and services.

The ability to treat one more patient per day today, or in the future


This is just one of the many improvements in lab performance achieved by the Interventional Vascular Department at St. Antonius Hospital after installing the Azurion system. This first Azurion lab performance study achieved impressive results which have been verified by an independent third party. 

Coronary Suite logo

Coronary suite  

Transforming complex PCI procedures into confident care


  • Provides real-time live navigational guidance and enhances visualisation in complex PCI procedures.
  • Confident treatment decisions for optimised PCI with Philips’ exclusive iFR & FFR co-registration technologies.
  • Seamless integration of guidance technologies to simplify workflow and improve procedural efficiency.
PCI suite

EP suite  

Seamless integration drives EP excellence


  • Provides an ease-of-use platform for seamless integration into different lab environments.
  • Automates segmentation of the cardiac structures.
  • Enhances visualisation of 3D cardiac anatomy.
  • Facilitates intuitive catheter navigation.
EP suite logo
EP Suite
SHD suite logo

SHD suite  

From planning to live guidance for structural heart disease procedures


  • Streamlines SHD procedure planning, device selection, and live image guidance for greater confidence.
  • Fuses live 3D TEE and live fluoroscopic images for a better view of structures.
  • Manage radiation exposure with ClarityIQ technology for cardiac procedures.
Philips SHD suite
Vascular suite logo

Vascular suite  

Redefine the outcome for vascular treatment


  • Makes imaging and therapy simpler, more informative, and less invasive to promote confident decisions.
  • Supports standardisation and consistency of vascular lab workflow to save time and money.
  • Excellent visibility at ultra low X-ray dose levels for a comprehensive range of clinical procedures with ClarityIQ technology.
Vascular treatment
Neuro suite logo

Neuro suite  

Neuro decisions are based on what you see, so see more.


  • Displays vessel anatomy and device apposition to the lumen in never-before-seen detail.
  • Enhances neuro workflow and patient handling to promote new efficiency and consistency.
  • Elevates treatment confidence with dynamic live image guidance through complex vascular lesions.
Philips AneurysmFlow
Onco suite logo

Onco suite  

Critical insights for superior care in Interventional Oncology


  • Provides a comprehensive solution for planning and guidance of embolisation and ablation procedures.
  • Supports treatment of multiple lesions simultaneously with Live Image Guidance.
  • Assures lesion detection with high spatial resolution and enhanced contrast-to-noise performance.
Philips Onco suite
Spine suite logo

Spine suite  

Perform spine surgery with confidence and precision


  • Provides industry leading 2D and 3D imaging that boosts confidence and enhance precision throughout the procedure.
  • Removes the need for post-op CT verification by providing excellent in-room cone-beam CT imaging.
  • Enhances the user experience thanks to greater movement flexibility, intuitive positioning guidance, and enhanced patient access.
  • Supports diverse spine, neuro, and orthopedic procedures in Hybrid OR solution.
Philips Spine suite
Lung suite logo

Lung suite  

All-in-one diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer


  • Diagnostic accuracy equivalent to CT guided biopsy at low radiation dose.1
  • 84% diagnostic yield for small lung nodules with bronchoscopy and Philips cone beam CT.2
  • Enable new minimally invasive endobronchial treatment.
  • Smoothly combine biopsy, marking and surgery in one room.
Philips lung suite

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1. Abi-Jaoudeh, Nadine, et al. “Prospective randomized trial for image-guided biopsy using cone-beam CT navigation compared with conventional CT.” Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 27.9 (2016): 1342-1349.

2. Pritchett, Michael, et al. “Cone Beam CT-Guided Endobronchial Biopsy Assisted by Augmented Fluoroscopy.” Chest 152.4 (2017): A887.

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