Ingenia MR-RT

Ingenia MR-RT is a dedicated MR simulation platform that provides high quality, high contrast MR images acquired with the patient in treatment position. Designed for the needs of radiation oncology, this comprehensive solution provides the tools and software needed for versatile and efficient imaging for radiotherapy planning.


MR-only simulation

Innovative MR-only simulation helps you use MRI as the primary imaging modality for planning prostate cancer patients’ treatment, thereby eliminating tedious and error-prone CT-MR registration and simplifying workflows. Available as a plug-in extension to the Ingenia MR-RT platform, MR-only simulation provides high contrast anatomical MR images for target delineation and the density information for dose calculations typically provided by CT.


RTdrive MR prostate

RTdrive is an automated workflow solution that streamlines the process from MR imaging to a high quality treatment plan with minimal user input, thus accelerating time to treatment and driving consistency. RTdrive accelerates and automates prostate planning workflows, enabling you to create a treatment plan within 25 minutes* from the start of MR simulation.


MR-linac simulation package for Elekta Unity


The Philips Ingenia MR-RT simulation platform with MR linac simulation package is an ideal complement to Elekta Unity. With consistent workflows and image quality from MR simulation through to online MR guidance during radiation treatment, it will let you exploit the many similarities and synergies between Philips Ingenia MR-RT and Elekta Unity.