Population segmentation and stratification


Population Segmentation and Stratification allows you to group your population on the basis of risk, cost, diagnoses, demographics and interactions within the health and care system it is possible to define the specific groups where proactive interventions will have the greatest impact.

Longitudinal care record


The longitudinal care record combines primary, secondary, community and mental health data to provide a single comprehensive record of a patient’s history and current status. The record spans across health systems and is designed to augment organisations’ local electronic health records by enhancing interoperability, addressing the social determinants of health and engaging patients in their care.

Performance management and system planning


Deploying a common set of tools across a health system offers a unique opportunity to manage performance across pathways as well as within provider organisations. Our solution offers bespoke KPI reports and allows you to interrogate healthcare utilisation and outcomes data to generate meaningful insights for designing sustainable service improvements.