I am one of the only few skilled 3D users in my practice, how do I train more colleagues to start using 3D technology? (MPR Touch, TouchVue, FlexVue)


We have several workflow enhancements such as TouchVue, MPR Touch, FlexVue and aReveal to make 3D workflow more intuitive and easier to use with the goal of facilitating adoption of this valuable clinical tool.


Working together, Philips TouchVue and MPR Touch are easier, more intuitive methods of 3D workflow than offered traditionally. Just using simple finger gestures on the systems touch panel, the user can easily control 3D volume rotation in all axes and size and position MPR parameters in all views.  


Users need the ability to quickly visualize the desired planes of section within large 3D volumes. FlexVue is a highly versatile tool that allows for easy visualization of technically difficult anatomical views from 3D volumes that are essential for diagnosis of OB/GYN pathology. FlexVue displays structures in their entirely in a projected planar view.  Unlike traditional editing 3D tools,  even when structures are curved, such as the fetal spine and uterus in GYN, they can be easily visualized with FlexVue in their entirety in wide variety of orthogonal planes.


aRevealA.I. is an advanced feature of Philips AIUS that automatically removes extraneous 3D information to quickly and easily reveal the 3D fetal face. Avoid having to perform manual editing of the 3D fetal face data set.