Patient Monitoring

Ready access to

patient data

Interoperability and Bedside Connectivity

Access and transmit data from medical devices at the point of care to clinical and hospital information systems for high quality care and documentation.
Philips IntelliBridge integrated care solutions provide standards-based interoperability between patient care devices and hospital information systems, reducing complexity and cost by boosting efficiency. IntelliBridge consolidates near real-time patient data from up to eight patient care devices, such as ventilators, anaesthesia machines, infusion pumps and multi-parameter measurement devices. This data can be displayed on IntelliVue patient monitors, transmitted to a Philips information center, or incorporated into hospital information systems. Alarm and alert notifications from patient care devices can be further distributed through Philips mobility solutions, such as CareEvent. All of these features combine to make Philips IntelliBridge one of the most powerful patient care device connectivity solutions on the market.