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Philips Professional Display Solutions brings transformational change to meetings with brand new C-Line displays  

Amsterdam, January 2020:  Philips Professional Display Solutions, the market-leading digital display solutions provider has unveiled a brand-new range of collaboration displays exclusively designed for corporate use.

Launched at ISE 2020, the new Windows-powered C-Line series from Philips Professional Display Solutions has been constructed from the ground up, providing the most complete all-in-one solution, with usability, collaboration and productivity at its core.


Inspired by market feedback, the C-Line series combines all the functionality of a powerful PC with the convenience of a traditional wall or desk mounted whiteboard, making the displays suitable for almost any environment, ranging from large board rooms to space-limited huddle rooms.


Available in 55”, 65”, 75” and 86” size variants, the C-Line series comes equipped with a wide range of dedicated features, each chosen to help to overcome many of the historical pains and frustrations associated with meetings, by motivating and inspiring staff for enhanced levels of creativity and productivity.


Inspiring change


According to figures, the number of hours spent by office worked in meetings has more than doubled since the 1960s, averaging over 10 hours a week, today*. Concerningly, a survey from Harvard Business Review**, revealed 71% of senior managers consider meetings as unproductive and inefficient, whilst 62% suggest they miss opportunities to bring the team closer together. Doodle’s State of Meetings Report 2019*** found that poorly organised meetings cost billions every year, with figures quoted at $33.15B in Switzerland, $58.11B in the UK and $73.66B in Germany.


“Meetings are vital to any business, but they can be dull and hugely uninspiring if poorly delivered,” commented Harold Niericker, Head of Product Management for Signage. “Technology plays a crucial role and can often make or break a meeting’s success. If you’re sat there in silence being spoken at for an hour, or you have your head down the whole-time taking notes, you’re likely to switch off or miss out on important discussion points. These can heavily reduce productivity levels and potentially waste people’s valuable time.”


“Meetings don’t have to be that way and, with the collaborative features of the C-Line series, we’re encouraging employers to engage and empower their staff, giving them the chance to shine throughout the meeting as well. Transforming the whole culture of how meetings are executed.”




Harnessing the familiarity of a traditional Microsoft Windows PC – the world’s most popular OS for PC and laptop computers and the de facto OS in enterprise environments – participants are able to play an active role in any meeting, whether physically in the room, in another office, working from home, or even another country, thanks to its seamless screen sharing capabilities. System administrators can integrate the displays, using their embedded professional version of the Windows operating system, into the corporate infrastructure strategy, whether this is a full Microsoft environment (Exchange, Teams, Azure, etc) or, for example, a Google implementation (GSuite, Hangouts, etc).


C-Line displays also provide the added benefit of being entirely tool-agnostic, meaning your organisation can enjoy all the features and functionality from their new display, while continuing to use the solutions they are familiar with, such as Zoom, Skype for business and Microsoft Teams.


Running all your favourite applications directly on the stunning Projected Capacitive touch screen (PCAP) display – the preferred user interface for modern premium tablets and smartphones ­– the C-Line series allows multiple participants with the ability to simultaneously work on the same document via their own connected computer.


In addition, the C-Line’s multiple touchpoints encourage teams to physically work together directly on the display, controlled and managed with either your hand, passive PEN (supplied in the box as standard) or via traditional keyboard and mouse. Connection points, such as USB and HDMI, are conveniently located on the edge of the display for quick and easy access. The C-Line also supports Active Pen technology.


All work can be automatically saved, simply shared via third party email apps to all participants and/or securely stored in the cloud.


Adding guests from outside the office network is also made fast and simple, with a dedicated dongle allowing visitors to safely and securely, wirelessly connect to the presentation via their own device – eliminating potential time-consuming compatibility and accessibility obstacles.


Video conferencing


With additional accessories, such as audio soundbars and cameras, and supporting a wide range of video conferencing platforms, including popular programs such as Zoom and Skype, the new C-Line also combines all the functionality of a high-end video conferencing system.


Harold Niericker adds: “Collaboration has been a buzz-word among businesses for many years but there has been a big divide between saying it and doing it. Working closely with our customers, we fully understand the barriers and obstacles faced in their journeys and we work tirelessly every day to produce new products and solutions to help overcome them.”


“With the C-Line series, we’re extremely confident we have tackled the traditional pains associated with meeting room technologies, providing a new tool-agnostic solution that will work seamlessly with the platforms already in place within organisations and bringing about true transformational change.”

The new C-Line display range will be on show during ISE 2020, Hall 10, K170.


About Philips Professional Display Solutions

Philips Professional Display Solutions is a trading name of TP Vision Europe B.V. (“TP Vision”) and MMD-Monitors & Displays Nederland B.V. (“MMD”), registered in the Netherlands, with their head offices in Amsterdam. TP Vision and MMD are wholly-owned subsidiaries of TPV Technology Limited (“TPV”), the world’s largest manufacturer of monitors and a leading provider of display solutions. TPV specialises in the design and production of a wide range of desktop monitors and LCD TVs. Due to TPV’s focus on the core business – the manufacture of IT display products for various industry segments – the company benefits from strong economies of scale and maintains solid relationships with panel makers worldwide.

TPV and Koninklijke Philips N.V. entered into a brand license agreement in 2009 for IT displays and public signage. By combining the Philips brand promise with TPV’s manufacturing expertise in displays, TP Vision and MMD have established a competitive and focused approach to bring innovative products to market.

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