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CMND 7 brings valuable features to content management

With never a quiet moment for the CMND team at Philips Professional Display Solutions, we have been working to bring you valuable new functionality that will make your fleet and content management even easier.


We are always talking to our customers and taking on board their comments and suggestions. The latest release of CMND brings many of the features you have been waiting for:


What’s new in CMND&Create?

Placing your content at your command, CMND&Create is our drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to publish your own content.


CMND 7 brings many usability improvements, including the ability to group a selection of content to copy, paste and move, the ability to ‘undo’ using CTRL Z/CTRL R, the option to move content forwards and backwards, the ability to copy TXT, including formatting, and the ability to edit items that are situated behind other content.


Other new functions include:

  • Social media widgets (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Ability to create an object once that shows on all pages (Master object)
  • Single and five-day day weather widget
  • More highlight animations
  • Editable font size, all font sizes available
  • Channel GridView
  • Automatic translation of all text using google translate
  • Background music


New to CMND&Control

Delivering effortless network operation, CMND&Control allows you to easily perform vital functions, including controlling inputs and monitoring display status. CMND 7 brings new and exciting options that include: filters and search; sorting, searching and pie chart filtering; integrated TV list IP and RF; sort on columns; and find displays quickly.


There are also new features, specific to monitors and to TVs:


  • CMND&Control for monitors

• Device list import/export which allows:

• Backup of the current list

• Off site creation of the signage network

• Server swap

• Monitor moved from one location to another

• Network administration changes

  • CMND&Control for TV

• Triggers – now you can customize anything on your displays based on automated triggers, such as a guest check in or a specific date and time

• MGate – a new, incredibly powerful way to send updates to your displays over
RF: Send anything to any device at any time and be able to do this at the same time for many devices. For example, send a channel list to one TV and a different channel list to another TV, all at the same time.

• New options to create and edit…

• Schedules - Start and stop the TV automatically on the right content

• UI customizations editor - Brand your TV menus

• Welcome app editor - Custom welcome screen on each TV!

• Banners - Send timed messages to customers such as Customer satisfaction surveys, ads, fire alarm and more


Download your CMND 7 update today.

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