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In the office and on the factory floor, nothing says forward-thinking and ambitious like big displays and dynamic images. Inspire dreams and innovation with our perfect solutions for offices, factories, meeting rooms, breakout areas, foyers and corridors.

Corporate benefits:
✔   Promote your brand and key messages
✔   Inform your people fast
✔   Create a digital display network across multiple locations
✔   Build engagement and enthusiasm
✔   Target messages at departments and locations

✔   Protect employees and assets with clear emergency instructions

Recommended models

The Philips

Energy efficient and packed with features including simplified screen sharing, split screen viewing and touch functionality, Philips displays are tailored made to thrive in the corporate market.


Perfect for impact and function, QuadViewer makes the most of your screen by playing content from up to four different inputs at the same time on the one screen. It’s the ideal set up for meeting rooms and control rooms. 


Boost your energy efficiency for a greener output and a lower operational cost. SmartPower is the energy saving feature that controls the display’s backlight using a pre-set system. The result? Up to 50% less power consumption.

FailOver for Meeting rooms

Using Failover, simplify presentations and videoconferencing. Easily switch between screens, with the display automatically changing inputs based on your preferences. No need to manually switch inputs each time someone wants to share their screen. 


Direct new guests to where they need to be using an interactive wayfinding screen. Enabled with automatic touch recognition, plug and play operation, and up to 10 touch-points at a time, our touch displays will help you boost engagement and efficiency. 

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