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LCD monitor

    LCD monitor

    A full 3D experience

    Deliver your messages in stunning 3D, with excellent picture quality and no need for special glasses. With 28 lenticular views you can deliver jaw dropping images that will amaze your audience. See all benefits

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LCD monitor

23"/58.4 cm, Autostereoscopic 3D, Full HD BDL2331VS/00 Find similar products

A full 3D experience

without the need for special glasses

  • Autostereoscopic 3D

    Autostereoscopic 3D

    Enjoy a stunning 3D experience with no need for special glasses thanks to the autostereoscopic 3D effect. Using lenticular technology, it gives excellent clarity and depth, making your 3D experience even more lifelike and enjoyable.

  • Full HD LCD display, 1920 x 1080p

    This display has a resolution that is referred to as Full HD. The state-of-the-art LCD screen technology has the full high definition widescreen resolution of 1080 progressive lines, each with 1920 pixels. This allows the best possible picture quality for HD input signals with up to 1080 lines. It produces brilliant flicker-free progressive scan pictures with optimum brightness and superb colours. This vibrant and sharp image will provide you with an enhanced viewing experience.

  • SmartPower for energy saving

    The backlight intensity can be controlled and pre-set by the system to reduce the power consumption by up to 50%, which saves substantially on energy costs.

  • Temperature sensor measures the health condition

    This public display contains a temperature sensor to monitor the internal health condition. If the internal temperature exceeds the pre-set threshold, two internal fans will be automatically activated to cool down the display to normal conditions.

  • Complies with RoHS standards of care for the environment

    Philips designs and produces display products in compliance with strict Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards that restrict lead and other toxic substances that can harm the environment.

  • 28 lenticular views for amazing, smooth 3D pictures

    With 28 lenticular views, you can "peek" around virtual objects on the 3D display, giving you the most stunning 3D visual effects around.

  • 2D plus depth

    2D-plus-Depth converted to 28 different views and interwoven into a stunning 3D format

  • 3D content visualisation

    Software tools are provided with the display to play out 3D content and control the 3D and 2D visualisation parameters. The actual 3D content can be created via plug-ins available for popular 3D animation software packages. Existing 2D or stereo content can be converted into 2D-plus-Depth format. The 2D-plus-Depth format is compatible with existing compression tools, as the additional bandwidth of the depth is small.

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