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Ironing board cover

Ironing board cover

£ 52.99
  • Wardrobe Care
  • Non-scorch

Made for GC9920 with iron with temperature dial

Non-scorch material to prevent burn when the iron is rested

Non-scorch material that won't burn even when the iron is rested with high temperatures on the board cover.

Safe to rest the iron on the board

Safe to rest the iron on the board

The non-scorch material ensures that you can always leave your iron on the board cover without the risk of burning marks on the cover.

Heat-resistant iron mat Yes
Fits product type
GC9920/05 Yes
GC9920/07 Yes
GC9920/25 Yes
GC9920/27 Yes
GC9920/35 Yes
GC9920/55 Yes
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Ironing board cover

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