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s-bag Vacuum cleaner bags

s-bag Vacuum cleaner bags

£ 7.50
  • 4 x dust bags
  • One standard fits all
  • Anti-allergy filtration
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A universal standard for an easy choice

The original Philips s-bag® can be used for all Philips and Electrolux Group (Electrolux, AEG, Volta, Tornado) vacuum cleaners with bags. Skip the hassle of endlessly searching for a dust bag, simply look for the s-bag® logo.

Anti-allergy, ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers

s-bag® Anti-Allergy has high filtration to capture pollen, dust particles, dust mites, mite allergens and cat allergens as small as 1 micron. This level of filtration significantly reduces exposure to allergens in your family and is of benefit to asthma and allergy sufferers.

High-resistance synthetic material, made in Sweden

High-resistance synthetic material, made in Sweden

The s-bag® Anti-Allergy is made of a highly resistant synthetic material, produced in Sweden.

Hygienic closing system for easy disposal

Hygienic closing system for easy disposal

The patented closing system of the Philips s-bag® allows for easy and clean disposal, without spilling the trapped dirt that is inside.

Accessory specifications
Number of dust bags 4
Suitable for
AirStar FC8220 - FC8229
City-Line FC8400 - FC8439
EasyLife FC8130 - FC8139
Expression FC8600 - FC8629
HomeHero FC8910 - FC8919
Impact FC8350 - FC8399
Jewel FC9050 - FC9079
Mobilo FC8500 - FC8579
Performer FC9150 - FC9179
Performer Compact FC8370 - FC8399
PerformerPro FC9180 - FC9199
PowerLife FC8320 - FC8329
FC8440 - FC8459
SilentStar FC9300 - FC9319
SmallStar FC8230 - FC8260
Specialist FC9100 - FC9139
Studio (Power) FC9080 - FC9089
Universe FC9000 - FC9029
Electrolux Group Electrolux bag vacuum cleaners
Tornado bag vacuum cleaners
Zanussi bag vacuum cleaners
PerformerActive FC8520 - FC8529
FC8650 - FC8660
Performer Expert FC8720 - FC8729
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s-bag Vacuum cleaner bags

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