Click & Style shaving heads

Click & Style shaving heads

£ 19.00
  • ComfortCut blades
  • Fits Click & Style (YS5xx)

Replacement heads for Click & Style shavers

RQ32 replacement heads are compatible with Click & Style (YS5xx) shavers.

Easy click off, click on

1. Press the release buttons on the shaving unit and pull the shaving head holder off the shaving unit. 2. Turn the retaining rings in the direction of the arrows indicated on the retaining ring and lift them out. 3. Take out the old shaving heads and carefully insert replacements; check that the heads align exactly in the setting. 4. Place the retaining rings back onto the shaving head holder and reattach the shaving head holder to the shaving unit ('click').

Shaving heads
Fits product type Click&Style (YS5xx)
Shaving heads per packaging 2
Usage Use cleaning spray HQ110
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Manuals and Documentation
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Retail Trade Leaflet
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Click & Style shaving heads

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