Body Hair Grooming

Traditionally, December is the time of year when men tend to take their fashion cues from Santa Claus, complementing their winter coats and scarves with grooming styles that naturally protect against cold winter winds.

But just because you’re choosing to look like a grizzly bear on your face doesn’t mean the rest of your body has to follow the hairy suit. Why not try grooming contrasting your Santa Claus beard with a Saint Tropez smooth beach body?
It’s easy to get the smooth and bare beach look now Philips has specifically designed a shaver for dealing with hair from the neck downwards called the Bodygroom Pro.
The Philips Bodygroom Pro has a dual-end design with a revolutionary 3D pivoting shaving head on one end and an enhanced trimmer with improved cutting capabilities on the other meaning the Philips Bodygroom Pro trimmer can groom even the hairiest of men.
Use the trimmer first to tackle the thicker hair on your chest and your back, then switch to the pivoting shaving head to get a more precise, tidy grooming finish.

 According to a recent global survey, more than 50 per cent of men between the ages of 18 and 65 admitted to removing, grooming,  or trimming hair below the neck.  So now you know that you’re not alone why not indulge in a bit of manscaping yourself?