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    Series 7000
    Series 7000
    Series 1000


    7000 series

    Showerproof body groomer with back attachment


    Skin-friendly design

    Bi-directional trimmer

    Long back attachment & 3 body combs

    The Series 5000 is designed to power through hair without compromise on skin comfort. Use the skin-friendly shaver on your face or click on the 3, 5 or 7 mm length combs to trim your chest, underarm, groin, legs or back.
    Philips shop price
    Suggested retail price: £62.00
    BG5020_13 body groomer

    All-in-one body groomer


    Skin contour system

    Dual-sided design

    Conveniently adjustable trimming comb

    Philips shop price
    The ultimate all-in-one solution, the Series 7000 features an integrated trimmer on one side and a skin-friendly, contour system on the other, for a comfortable and convenient trim or shave, anywhere below the neck.
    full body comfort body groomer

    Full body grooming  

    Comfortable on all body parts

    Our skin-friendly shaver catches and cuts hairs of different lengths so it can be used comfortably on underarms, chest and abs, back and shoulders, groin and legs.  No need for multiple tools!
    skin friendly body groomer

    Skin-friendly shaver  

    Rounded tips

    The shaver head protects your skin as you shave with its patented rounded tips and hypo-allergenic foil.  It also features bi-directional trimmers to cut longer hairs, which are then shaved by the foil for a really close result.
    bi-directional body comb

    Cut different hair lengths  

    Bi-directional body combs

    3 combs are included to trim hair to fixed length settings of 3 mm, 5 mm, or 7 mm.  For an even closer result, use the shaving system without the combs. Pre-trimming with the fixed combs is recommended for thicker hair.
    body groomer with back shaving attachment

    Shave your back  

    Extra long back attachment

    Conveniently remove back hair with the special extra long attachment.

    What's in the box?

    Philips shop price
    Suggested retail price: £62.00

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    Key feature(s)

    • Back attachment
    • Ergonomic grip
    • Unique skin protector

    Cutting system

    • Skin comfort system
    • Skin comfort system
    • Skin protection system

    Ease of use

    • 100% showerproof
    • Battery Indicator
    • 100% shower proof
    • Battery indicator
    • 100% showerproof


    • 60 mins use/1 hr charge
    • Lithium-ion
    • 50 mins use/8 hr charge
    • NiMH
    • AA battery, up to 2 months use
      *Depending on hair type and frequency of use

    Included accessories

    • 3 body combs
    • Back attachment
    • 1 body comb
    • 3mm trimming comb
    * Suggested retail price

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