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    Our body groomers, skin-friendly and easy to use

    The Philips Bodygroom series is an extensive range of body hair trimmers for fast and comfortable shaving, styling and body grooming. Choose a versatile body groomer, with or without attachments, to trim hair anywhere on your body – from shaving your chest hair to manscaping your groin. Everyone deserves the ability to shave or trim body hair with full confidence. Philips’ body groomers allow you to do just that.

    Series 7000

    Total body shave & trim for all areas under the neck. Body shaver moves smoothly around the contours of your body for a clean finish, and body hair trimmer can be adjusted to 5 different lengths.

    Series 5000

    Smooth body shave with long extension for hard-to-reach places. A full body hair trimmer that allows you to cut short, long and thick hair to 3 different lengths.

    Series 3000

    Showerproof body groomer with skin comfort system. Use as a body shaver for a smooth finish, or click on the comb attachment for an all-over body hair trimmer.

    The torso of a man using a Philips Bodygroom as a body shaver to shave his chest hair.

    Comfortable on all body parts


    Our skin-friendly Bodygroom tools catch and cut hairs of different lengths. This means you can trim body hair comfortably on underarms, chest and abs, the groin, and legs. With no need for multiple tools, our best body groomers for men have something for every grooming need.

    The clean-shaven torso of a man using a Philips Bodygroom body shaver to shave his underarms

    Skin-friendly body grooming


    One of the most important qualities of a body shaver, especially for delicate areas, is skin protection. No matter where you're shaving, our body groomers for men prioritise care for your skin. Philips’ body groomers feature a comfort system with a hypoallergenic foil and rounded tips to protect your skin while shaving, meaning you can use your Bodygroom in full confidence.

    A hand holding a Philips body groomer under a running tap, rinsing it with water.

    Easy to clean


    Multitask in the morning and save time without compromising on your body grooming. Philips body groomers are 100% water resistant, meaning you can use it in the shower for a quick trim or full body shave and simply rinse it when you're done.


    Whether you go with a light, all-over trim or a clean, smooth shave, finding the best men's groomer for your body hair needs has the potential to revolutionise your routine. With a 100% water resistant body hair trimmer or body shaver that you can use in the shower, you can stay well put together with minimal effort. Our innovative body groomers are built to protect your skin from nicks or irritation, with rounded tips and a hypoallergenic foil to maximise comfort.

    Finding it difficult to shave or trim in hard-to-reach areas? Pick a men’s groomer with a back attachment, like the Bodygroom Series 5000, and you’ll reach tricky areas of your back effortlessly. Or, maybe you’re after the flexible range of trimming and shaving options you get with our duel-sided Bodygroom 7000. Browse our Bodygroom products and find the right one for you.

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