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    Beauty tools designed for all your needs

    Discover our full range of hair removal devices

    For 12 months of hair-free smooth skin

    Root hair removal for long lasting results

    Shave sensitive body areas without skin irritation

    Trim, shape and style your bikini area



    Electric shaver

    Bikini trimmer

    Precision trimmer

    How does it work?

    Uses light to break the cycle of hair regrowth and gently put the hair to sleep

    Removes hair from root

    Shaves hair from skin surface

    Trims hair down to 0.5mm

    Trims facial hair from skin surface

    How often do I need to repeat?

    Once every 2 weeks for the first 8 weeks, then every 2 months

    Once a month

    1-2 days or when needed

    1-2 days or when needed, ideal for quick touch-ups

    Once a week or when needed, ideal for quick touch-ups

    Is it for wet or dry use?

    Dry use

    Wet (if cordless) or dry (if corded)

    Wet and dry use

    Dry use

    Dry use

    Is it pain free?

    Yes, although you might feel a warm sensation which disappears after a few minutes

    May feel slight discomfort but this reduces over time




    Which body areas does it work on?

    Full body

    Legs, arms, bikini, underarms, face

    Full body

    Bikini area, also suitable to remove stray hairs on the body

    Face including shaping of eyebrows

    Award winning products​

    Lumea Prestige


    Beauty shortlist awards 2019

    Satinelle Prestige Epilator


    Beauty awards London 2019
    Beauty shortlist awards 2019

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