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    Why refurbish?

    Unwanted products often get scrapped after a customer returns them. But not at Philips. As part of our sustainability mission, we now offer a wide range of products that are given a new life instead of ending up in landfill.

    Refurbishment saves resources and helps the planet. It also gives you a way to own a quality Philips product, with the same 2-year warranty as new products, for a fraction of the cost. Around 30,000 customers have already taken home refurbished products instead of new ones, and that number grows every day.

    Refurbished products high quality support

    Guaranteed Philips quality

    Refurbished products two-year warranty

    Full 2-year warranty

    Refurbished products sustainable alternative

    Reduces waste

    Refurbished products save money

    Saves you money

    Garment care


    What does it mean to buy a refurbished product?

    A refurbished product is a product that has been returned by a consumer or retailer. Back at Philips, these products undergo careful inspection: they get tested, cleaned, and missing functional parts get replaced.

    What to expect

    Refurbished products two-year warranty

    Product functionality
    Fully functional

    Refurbished products sustainable alternative

    Product cosmetics
    Limited marks related to transport, repacking and testing. The product is completely clean and in hygienic condition. Parts that can't be cleaned are always replaced.

    Refurbished products save money

    Including all functional accessories, excluding potential free merchandise materials.

    Refurbished products high quality support

    The original box with traces of transport, or a plain and recycled cardboard packaging.

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    Since 2018 we have sold more than 

    refurbished products

    Step 1

    Returned products are carefully checked to see if they can be put forward for refurbishment or should be stripped for parts.

    Step 2

    Those suitable for refurbishment are tested to make sure they work properly and meet our quality standards.

    Step 3

    Repairs are made and when parts need to be replaced, only original Philips components are used.

    Step 4

    After reassembly the products are thoroughly cleaned so they look as close to new as possible.

    Step 5

    We repack products into their original boxes. If the boxes are damaged, products will be given plain, recycled cardboard packaging instead.

    Step 6

    With quality, safety and hygiene standards met, products are certified with a worldwide 2-year warranty, just like new. 

    Learn more about our sustainability mission

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