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    Philips Pet Series
    Smart and personalised pet care

    Pamper them.    


    Our range is perfect to embrace your cat's individuality. Personalise their care with our smart pet solutions.

    Philips Pet Series - Smart and personalized pet care

    Pamper them.    


    Our range is perfect to embrace your cat's individuality. Personalize their care with our smart pet solutions.

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    We understand that your pet is a part of the family, so the Philips Pet Series has a range of smart solutions for your pet and you

    Smart Feeder with Camera


    Round the clock care at hand, anywhere, anytime.


    The 5000 series Smart Feeder with Camera delivers fresh food in every bite and designed with the anti-clogging technology so your cat never misses a meal. You can plan your cat's meal times with our in-app scheduling to provide your cat the precise portion of food every time. You can stay connected even when away with the HD camera and 2-way audio. The Smart Feeder has a whisker friendly, dish washer-safe stainless steel bowl and other easy to rinse parts for top hygiene.

    Water Fountain


    Give your cat the flowing water nature intended.


    The 3000 Series fountain is designed with a whisker friendly bowl for your cat's comfort so they stay happily hydrated. The fountain has multi-layer filtration system and the easy to clean parts keep the hygiene level your cat expects. In-built smart sensor conserves power, activating the water flow when your cat is close.

    2 year guarantee logo for Philips Pet products on a blue circle

    Product garantee

    2 year product warranty from date of purchase

    Blue icon with a light blue heart and a white pawprint used to represent the Philips Pet Series app

    Philips Pet Series App

    Seamless connected care with our app for your pets

    Use Pet Care Series app to plan the portion and schedule for your pet

    Care at hand with our app

    Plan exact portions ahead of time and keep track of your cat's feeding schedule with our app. Watch them live through our app with the HD Camera and comfort them with your voice with the 2-way audio. Get important alerts on your phone so you stay connected with your cat even when away. 

    Flowing water from the fountain makes your cat to drink more

    Happy pets are healthy, fed and hydrated

    Flowing water from the fountain encourages your cat to drink more, so they stay hydrated. The Smart Feeder, ensures they have timely fresh meal as per their routine.

    Smart feeder is designed for your cat to have a pleasant experience

    Designed for your cat's comfort

    Our Smart Feeder and the Water Fountain are designed with a whisker friendly bowl to prevent whisker fatigue and ensure your cat has a pleasant experience.

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    Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

    Can the Philips Smart Feeder be used for wet food?


    The Smart Feeder is only suitable for dry foods, with a kibble size ranging from 2-12mm. Suitable types of feed include dry food, air-dried food, and freeze-dried food. 

    Can the Philips Smart Feeder work for (larger) dogs or other pets?


    The Smart Feeder is more suitable for small or medium pets, like cats or small dogs. If you are unsure if this is suitable for your pet, consult your veterinarian for personalized advice. 

    Can I have different portions for different times of feeding?


    Yes, for each meal dispended with the Smart Feeder you can set your desired portion size in the Philips Pet Series app. 

    Can my pet shake or tip the Philips Smart Feeder to access food?


    No, the food outlet is completely sealed when not in use. The Smart Feeder is also sealed with a tamper-proof lid to prevent food spillage, even if the feeder is knocked over. 

    Can the Philips Smart Feeder be battery-operated?


    The Philips Smart Feeder can be powered by three type D batteries as a backup in case of a power failure. However, we recommend keeping the feeder always plugged in so that it can continue to function during a power outage on the battery power. 

    Can the Philips Water Fountain be battery-operated?


    The Water Fountain does not have a battery; it must be always plugged in to operate. 

    Can I keep the Philips Water Fountain plugged in 24/7?


    You can leave the Water Fountain plugged in with complete peace of mind as it automatically shuts off when the water level is low. And with the motion sensor, the fountain will only run when your pet is nearby. 

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