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    Steam Iron

    Ideal for speed and precision, great for quick ironing jobs
    • Powerful steam for effective crease removal
    • Comfortable and easy to use
    • Effective solutions against scale build-up

    Steam Generator Iron

    Ideal for longer, weekly ironing sessions, over 45 mins
    • Spend up to 50% less time ironing* with more steam.
    • Bigger, detachable easy fill water tanks deliver more steam for longer.
    • Smooth gliding, scratch resistant soleplates make ironing easier.
    • OptimalTEMP range: one setting effective from jean to silk, no fabric burns guaranteed.

    Integrated Ironing Board

    Integrated Ironing Board PerfectCare Elite
    • Ultimate ironing with our best technology
    • Interactive ironing board for superior results
    • Quickly folds and rolls for easy storage

    Garment Steamer

    Ideal for quick and spontaneous touch-ups, even at the last minute, for the most delicate garments
    • Removes creases with ease from delicate and difficult-to-iron clothes
    • No need for an ironing board
    • Refreshes garments and removes odours
    *based on an average ironing basket, Philips PerfectCare Elite vs. Philips Azur Performer irons


    Prolong the life of your iron and improve your experience
    • Remove pilling from your clothes and keep them looking like new
    • Renew your product with parts for Philips steam irons, steam generators and ironing boards

    Dry Iron

    The simple no-steam solution
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • Compact and easy to use

    Travel Iron

    Travel iron
    • Folds flat so you can take it anywhere
    • Both 110 and 220 volts
    • Lightweight and convenient

    Ironing Board

    Specially designed ironing boards
    • Specially designed ironing boards for perfect compatibility with different steam irons and steam generators
    New PerfectCare PowerLife

    Easier and faster without temperature settings

    100% safe even on delicate fabrics


    • OptimalTEMP – Easier & Faster Ironing, guaranteed no burns on all ironable fabrics. 
    • From Jean to Silk, no adjustment required. 
    • 100% Safe & Effective even on delicates.

    PerfectCare Elite with OptimalTemp


    Amazingly light weight iron makes ironing easier and more comfortable.
    With revolutionary OptimalTemp technology, to guarantee no burns on all ironable clothes.

    How to descale your Philips iron


    Irons that work with steam build up calc or scale. If you do not regularly descale, you will get white/brown stains on your clothes - and the steam will not operate to its maximum power. We recommend regular descaling, especially when you have hard water. Click below to find out how to descale your specific Philips iron.

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