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    Why Philips Refurbished Products?

    At Philips, we renew products returned by our customers to give them a second life.  Always striving for the highest quality, our refurbished products offer you a more sustainable alternative, whilst saving you money.
    Refurbished products two-year warranty
    Full 2-year warranty
    Refurbished products sustainable alternative
    Reduce waste
    Refurbished products save money
    Save money
    Refurbished products high quality support
    Philips’ quality guaranteed

    In 2020,

    we sold more than

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    refurbished products

    Garment Care


    Men's Shavers

    Home Care

    Kitchen Appliances

    Step 1
    Returned products are inspected for potential damages.
    Step 2
    Based on this inspection, a decision is made to refurbish these products or to harvest parts.
    Step 3
    The products selected for refurbishment are thoroughly cleaned to ensure test accuracy.
    Step 4
    Testing is completed on each of the products

    to ensure that they are fully operational and meet Philips’ high-quality standards.

    Step 5
    Required repairs are made, and any necessary parts are replaced with original Philips components.
    Step 6
    All of the refurbished products are thoroughly cleaned again to look as close to new as possible.
    Step 7
    The products are repacked in their original packaging,
    if undamaged. If it is damaged, a box made of recycled cardboard is used.
    Step 8
    Confident that each of the refurbished products meets Philips quality, safety and hygiene standards, they are all certified with a global two-year warranty.

    Learn more about our sustainability mission

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