Toddler sippy cups

Toddler sippy cups

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Our toddler sippy cups in a nutshell

Philips Avent Cup is leak proof


Philips Avent Cup is easy to hold

Easy to hold

Philips Avent Cup is BPA free

BPA free

Trainer Cup

4+ months
Philips Avent trainer cups 4 months
From*: £4.99
  • With easy-to-hold handles, your baby can start drinking independently from a familar teat and transition to a soft spout when they're ready.

Spout Cup

6+ months
Philips Avent Straw sippy cups 6 months 9 months
From*: £4.00
  • Our angled spout and spill-proof valve make it easy for your little one to comfortably take their first sips without the mess.

Grown-up Cup

12+ months
Philips Avent Spoutless cups 9 months 12 months
From*: £6.99
  • Our Grown Up cup is designed to let your little one drink from all around the rim, just like an adult cup. 
* Suggested retail price
Philips Avent toddler drinking sippy cup range

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This one's a keeper

We designed our sippy cup range so it's easy to mix and match tops and bottoms.
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Insider advice to make your choice easier

  • Find the best sippy cup for your toddler

    Toddler sippy cups

    Find the best sippy cup for your toddler

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  • Sippy cup advice

    Toddler sippy cups

    Sippy cup advice

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Learning new skills can feel a little awkward at first. To help your little one feel more comfortable during those first sips we designed our toddler sippy cups with soft, easy-to-hold handles."

Philips Design team

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Number one brand recommended by Mums

Toddler sippy cups

Learning to drink like a grown-up begins right here. Philips Avent baby and  toddler sippy cups let your little one ease into independent drinking. Kick things off with our Trainer Cup. Then, when your little one is ready, help them master new skills with our Spout, Straw and Grown-up sippy cups. All of our baby and toddler sippy cups are leak-proof, easy-to-hold and BPA free.


1 Based on December 2015 GemSeek online satisfaction survey conducted among more than 9,000 female users of childcare brands and products.

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