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    Sippy cup advice 

    If you're picturing a mini flood when you introduce your baby to a sippy cup, think again. Here are some of the things all parents worry about when it comes to introducing a sippy cup, and the safeguards we put in place to make sure it all goes smoothly.

    You’re probably wishing you’d bought a darker sofa to hide those baby spills.

    Our Fix: Baby spills can happen, but there’s no need to worry with our sippy cups. Every cup has a leak-proof valve that’s designed to help save your sofa or your carpet from even the messiest drinker.


    You may also be wondering how to make the big jump from bottle to cup.

    Our fix: Learning new skills can be overwhelming at first, so we break the process down into four easy steps for your little one. First, teach your baby to drink with handles using our bottle to sippy cup trainer. Then, gradually build up to grown up drinking with a spout, straw, and eventually spoutless cup.


    You might be just a little worried that you’ll lose cups at the same rate you lose baby socks.

    Our fix: Things have a way of getting left behind, dropped and discarded when they’re in the hands of your little one. We designed our sippy cups with rippled edges and handles, making them easy for your little one to carry when they’re on the go.


    You may also be thinking, wow, babies do come with a lot of stuff!

    Our fix: A new addition to the family can lead to a fuller life, so how can you live a simpler life and make sure your baby has everything they need? Philips Avent sippy cups are designed to be interchangeable. So you can use the one top on multiple bottles and cups—and always find a lid quickly.


    Ready to help your little one drink like a grown up? You’re going to ace it!


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