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    How to get smooth legs: the best ways to remove leg hair

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    Leg hair removal can be problematic: done wrong, it can result in dry legs, irritated skin, and unwelcome stubble. Silky smooth legs can sometimes seem like a fairy tale!

    But leg hair removal can be easy, effective, and long-lasting if you know how. If you’ve ever found yourself asking, what’s the best way to remove leg hair? Then look no further – we’re here with our guide on effective leg hair removal methods, so you can find an approach that suits you and learn how to get smooth legs every time.

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    Shaving legs: what’s the best way to shave your legs?

    Shaving is the classic hair removal methods for legs. And for good reason: it’s quick and cost-effective, and you can make it part of your regular shower routine.

    But, for most people, because leg hair tends to grow back after one to two days, you may find yourself having to shave regularly to maintain your smooth legs and prevent stubble after shaving your legs. This can irritate your skin, and no one wants razor burns on their legs (or anywhere else!)

    To protect your skin from irritation and scratches when shaving regularly, make sure you invest in your shaving tools. We recommend finding an electric leg shaver you can rely on. If you prefer shaving your legs in the bath or shower, go for a water-resistant model.

    Tip: You’ll get the best results if you make sure that the shaving head is in full contact with your skin. Work slowly from ankle to knee against the hair growth. You shouldn’t need shaving foam with a modern electric leg shaver; instead, try applying a mild body lotion that moisturises your skin after shaving to prevent irritation.

    Removing hair from the root: waxing, sugaring and epilating legs

    Waxing, sugaring, and epilating are three methods to remove your leg hair by pulling it out from the root. When leg hairs are removed using these methods, new roots must be formed first before any new hair can grow. This means that you won’t start to see stubble so soon after hair removal like you do with shaving. Done correctly, these methods can give you two or three weeks of smooth legs without any stubble!

    While waxing, sugaring, and epilating legs have longer-lasting effects than shaving, they are still not long-term methods. In addition, because wax and sugar paste are directly applied to the skin and removed, the upper layer of skin can be damaged during the hair removal process, resulting in irritation or skin reactions.

    Of the three methods that grab hair from the root, the gentlest option is epilation. An epilator pulls your hair out quickly with special ceramic pincers. By targeting the hair directly, epilators protect the skin and makes the leg hair removal process more comfortable, resulting in less irritation and longer-lasting smooth legs!

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    Happy ending guaranteed: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for hair removal

    If you’re still looking for that happy ever after with effective hair removal that really lasts, IPL might be the best method for you.

    With an IPL device such as the Lumea Prestige you can depilate your legs without having to shave every few days or epilate or wax every two weeks. It works with light impulses that inhibit new hair growth by causing hair to go into a ‘resting phase’. The result? Up to six months of silky smooth skin.1

    This skin-friendly method enables you to remove leg hair easily and comfortably at home. The Lumea Prestige provides up to 92% t hair reduction after the third treatment.2 You might almost think it’s magic!

    Tips: Use the large, curved body of the Lumea Prestige for your legs. Specially designed for large body areas, it adapts perfectly to your curves. He has an extra-large window to quickly depilate your calves – in just 8.5 minutes.3

    The best way to remove leg hair will always come down to your personal preference. Ultimately, it’s up to you, to find what works for you and your legs, and what you are comfortable with, but with our guide you should now know all best the options available to you, so you can choose with confidence!


    1. Average results of 78% less hair on the legs after completing the full treatment plan (12 treatments), objective studies on 48 women in the Netherlands and Austria.
    2. Adherence to the treatment plan; detected at the legs after the third treatment. Individual results may vary.
    3. When using with cable, at the highest intensity level.

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    Discover your beauty every day.

    Whether you are looking for facial, hair care or hair removal beauty solutions – Philips has everything you need.

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