A new tool for your toolbox

As a male, you know what you like when it comes to boys' toys. Cars should be lean, mean racing machines. Watches should be waterproofed to shark-diving depths. Tablets are only worth switching on if they're wafer-thin, packed with future-proof capabilities and accessorized by covers that will make other males gasp with envy. So let's talk hair clippers.

Hair clippers?
Indeed. Power tools for the bathroom have undergone a style revolution. Gone are the bulky, clumsy, ugly, heavy products of only a few years ago. They’ve been replaced by wonders of aerodynamic efficiency, such as the Philips HC-5450.


What’s so special?
This particular masterpiece is one of the Philips HAIR CLIPPER Series 5000, which means it’s been designed for ultimate style and performance. You could spend hours admiring its smooth, sweeping lines. Staring at its precision engineering. Appreciating every carefully crafted detail. Gazing at its perfect blend of form and function. Or you could just switch it on and get trimming. First time? See how to style your own hair.


Give me the specifications
Top designers, engineers and specialists have spent years turning the HC5450 into the ultimate male grooming device. It’s got a double-sharpened cutting element to cut your hair twice as fast*. New ball-bearing technology to reduce friction between the cutter and the guard. A Zoomlock™ wheel with 23 length settings: from an ultra-close 0.5mm trim up to 23mm in precise 1mm steps. A 41mm-wide full metal steel guard with self-sharpening, titanium-coated blades that stay sharper for longer. A turbo power button. And a whole 90 minutes of cordless use after a 1-hour charge.


Put it on display
Aerodynamic styling and precision engineering make this power tool the king of hair clippers. Its sleek lines, ultra-masculine design and smooth finish speak speed and efficiency all the way. If it doesn’t look amazing on your bathroom shelf, it’s time for a new bathroom.


Take control
With a Series 5000 hair clipper in your hand, there’s no need for time-consuming, expensive barber’s appointments. Don’t forget to give yourself a perfect beard neckline and perfect cheeklines to go with your perfect short hairstyle too.


*Compared to previous Philips hair clippers.