How to style my hair

Just give yourself a perfect haircut, learn tricks of the trade to save time, hassle and money visiting the barber

Like being in charge of your own look? Of course you do. So why hand over your hairstyle to a stranger? Just give yourself a perfect haircut in the privacy of your own bathroom. Learn these tricks of the trade to save time, hassle and money visiting the barber:


First, tool up!
You need a hair clipper with lots of length settings (ideally on a lock-in wheel to avoid fiddling around with separate length combs). Next, find yourself a hand-held mirror: look into it while standing with your back to a fixed mirror to check progress at the rear.


Go go go...
Start off by setting the clipper to the longest length, and make smooth strokes upwards from the back of your neck. Once you’re used to the feeling, switch to your chosen length and make several passes over the same area to ensure you cut all the hair. You can taper your style to a buzz cut by using a shorter length at the back, ending each stroke upwards into the air, before using a longer length on the front and top. Finish off by clipping your sideburns short and trimming your neck hairs. 


Done? Great!
Book regular appointments with your bathroom mirror to maintain your good looks.