How to remove nose hair: the dos and don’ts

Knowing how to remove nose hair is grooming 101, but are you getting it right?

Good grooming means developing good habits, and while there are some things we can afford to forgo sometimes (stubble can be sexy after all, and who’s really keeping tabs on body hair in the winter?), nose hair removal is rarely one of them.


Nasal hair is an inevitable part of manhood; it’s said to grow at 0.35 mm a day, and that only increases as you get older. So, there’s no time like the present to learn how to remove nose hair – without putting yourself through that all-too-familiar sting. Mastering the best way to remove nose hair is easy with these essential dos, don’ts and best practises of nasal hair removal.

Nose hair trim

Do: leave a little


Believe it or not, your nostril hair has a purpose. It creates a barrier between your respiratory system and the outside world, protecting your from the airborne pathogens that give you man flu. Therefore, leaving some of it is important, and ripping every hair out with wax is not usually the best way to remove nose hair. The good news is, you don’t need a lot of nose hair to reap its health benefits, so this isn’t an excuse to down tools altogether.

Don’t: use scissors for nose hair removal


Or clippers, or a knife, or any other sharp object for that matter – and yes, that includes those innocent-looking nail scissors. Nicks and cuts to the delicate skin around your nose is never a good start to the day. Even if you succeed in a casualty-free trimming session, hairs caught in-between the blades can pull and tug, with eye watering results.

Protective tube technology

Do: prune gently

There isn’t any need to suffer that vulnerable feeling of a failed nose-hair-trimming session. Just enlist the help of a tool that’s specially designed for effective nasal hair removal, like the Philips Nosetrimmer Series 3000. The ProtecTube technology forms an ultra-thin foil guard between your nose and the cutters, meaning there’s no hair pulling and no chance of nicks. The rubber grip and angled head allow for fool-proof precision and maximum control, too.

Prune gently

The best way to remove nose hair


Once you’ve settled on the right device, knowing how to remove nose hair is incredibly quick and easy.


  1. Attach the nose trimmer head, and switch it on.
  2. Insert the tip of the trimmer into the entrance of your nostril, rotating until it has reached the full area. Repeat with the other nostril.
  3. Wipe away any loose hairs.
  4. Rinse the trimmer under the tap if you have a waterproof nosetrimmer, or wipe it with a shaving head cleaning spray.

Wash face