A viewing experience

beyond the ordinary


*TV models and specifications shown are country specific and may vary


See what light can do

Welcome to the world of Ambilight TV. Once again, we have ventured into the glowing world of light to create an experience beyond the ordinary.

Philips AmbiLux

Experience light and motion like never before


Philips AmbiLux is the most advanced Ambilight experience yet. Its halo of motion that surrounds the TV, seamlessly projects what’s on the screen onto the wall behind it. Precision technology balances superior clarity, vivid colour and supreme contrast to create an immersive experience that’s truly one of a kind.


Android TV™ and apps.
A dream team.


Stream your favourite tunes. Dive into a thrilling new TV series. Share pics. Lose yourself in the latest games. Or just get online. With Android inside, enjoying all your favourite apps through your TV is a breeze.



A stunning television
for every budget.

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The Afterglow movie: an experience beyond the ordinary!




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*TV models and specifications shown are country specific and may vary

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