Philips Android TV™
A world of entertainment

There's so much to love about Android™


Philips Android™ TV is an indispensible part of your Android™ world. Play the apps you love. Easily find hit shows and films. Stream your favourite tunes. Enjoy immersive gameplay with Ambilight and sync your progress. Start a film on your TV and finish it on your tablet. The more you use it, the more you'll love it.

Android makes TV easy


Getting to what you want is so quick and easy. Simple menus show insightful recommendations, your favourite hit shows, top tunes and leading games. With so much content at your fingertips, each menu's been cleverly designed to ensure you spend less time browsing and more time watching.

A whole world of content    

Google Play Store


At the touch of a button you’ll be streaming the latest films or series from Netflix, swiping quickly through movies on demand or conquering worlds in games. All the content you want, when you want it. And with Ambilight, the whole experience is made all the more vivid and immersive.

Ambilight & Android™. Next level gaming


Enjoy hundreds of cool games on your TV through Google Play. Football games, kids games and loads of action games. Flip on Ambilight gaming mode and things get really exciting. With top games from partners like EA Sports, Gameloft, and even live game streaming, it’s a seriously addictive gaming experience.

The Philips app range


On top of all the amazing apps from Google Play, we've also created some great apps to make life more enjoyable. There are TV catch-up apps, news, education, streaming and weather apps. You can even have multiple apps running at once.

Searching content has never been so easy


Search by voice


Simply say your command into the Smart Remote and Google’s advanced Voice Search does exactly as you ask. Just activate Voice Search and you’ll be able to launch apps, go online or request things like ‘Open Netflix’, ‘turn to channel CNN’ or ‘Open YouTube’.


* voice search depends on model

Search by text


The power of Google search is at your fingertips. Just tap in your query using the remote control keyboard, press enter, and within seconds it has the answers you’re looking for. Beautifully intuitive to use, it makes searching with Android a real joy.

It's one big happy Android™ family


It's really easy to share content between devices thanks to Google Cast. Everything’s seamlessly connected so if you want to share your Android phone screen with the TV. It’s there. Start a film on your tablet and finish it on your TV? Done. Every device gets along perfectly with each other.

Google Cast


Simply cast your favourite blockbuster, music tracks or personal photos from your Android/iOS device or computer straight to your TV. You can also use any Google Cast™ ready app on your iOS/Android™ tablet or smartphone. It’s nice when everything just works.

Philips TV Remote App


Control is wherever you are with our intuitive app that turns your phone or tablet into a remote. Adjust the volume, switch channels or even play videos or photos from your device onto the TV.

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*TV models and specifications shown are country specific and may vary

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