High and mighty: 5 big hair trends to try now

From the low-key men’s textured haircut to the larger-than-life ’80s quiff, big is back when it comes to good hair. And good hair is cause for celebration, which is why we think it deserves the universal expression of all things awesome – the high five. If your hair is yet to earn the accolade, fear not. Our Philips hair experts are here with their guide to this season’s trendiest ‘high-top’ hairstyles in time for National High Five Day.

Whether you’re wondering how to add volume to your hair, or if you’re looking for a more structured approach to hair height, we’ll have your cut above the rest in time for the last Thursday of April.

The Voluminous Quiff

1. The Voluminous Quiff

Along with its dapper older brother, the Pompadour, the Voluminous Quiff is as iconic as the rock stars and rebels who have sported it since its rise to fame in the 1950s. Wear it with at least three inches of height on top (and plenty of confidence), but keep it roughly styled and lightly textured for a gritty edge. The back and sides should be tapered for broader faces, and kept long and swept back for thin, angular faces.


Double high five: Now you know how to add volume to your hair, counterbalance its height with the tapered Stiletto Beard.This is especially good for adding length and definition to round faces, but for thinner faces, opt for light stubble to soften the look.

The Afro Fade

2. The Afro Fade

The neatly shaped ’80s Box Fade has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, but its cooler, care-free friend is your go-to for 2018. Meet the Afro Fade. Just like an afro – the more wild, voluminous and long, the better – but with faded short back and sides. Keep it crisp and tidy with the Series 9000 Digital Hair Clipper; with 400 length settings, maintaining a clean fade at home is easier than you’d think.


Double high five: For extra Prince of Bel-Air ’80s freshness, a light stubble moustache and soul patch is essential. Moustache trimming is not a time to colour outside the lines, so shape up with a trimmer that’s designed for optimal precision, like the Series 9000.

The Beach Crop

3. The Beach Crop

This men’s textured haircut is the cut of all your ’90s surfer-boy-band dreams, and the great news is that it’s back, and without an actual boy band in sight. Bleached hair, no matter the style, is a big trend for this season – either platinum to the root or ‘sun-kissed’ at the ends. Either way, keep the fringe long, loose, choppy and textured, with tapered back and sides.


Double high five: This look is fresh, clean and youthful, so forgo the rugged stubble in favour of a clean shave. Get your baby face back with the Series 9000 PRO Precision Blades that cut 30% closer; the eight-directional ContourDetect head means a close and comfortable shave, without the nicks.

The Faux hawk

4. The Faux-hawk

If your inner punk rock has been itching to let loose since the mohawk trend last reared its spiky head in the early 2000s, now’s your time. If you don’t fancy the full gravity-defying helmet of spikes, the Faux-hawk is a happy compromise. To get the look, style a long middle section into a central spike that drops right down to the nape of the neck and fades into short sides.


Double high five: A neatly groomed Short Beard adds a manly sophistication to this cut. Fade your beard into the short sides and tidy up the edges around the cheek and mouth with a precise, no-fuss double-sided blade like the OneBlade. The cutter powers through hair at 200 times per second, making the process quick, effortless and accurate.

The Disconnected Undercut Crop

5. The Disconnected Undercut Crop

This men’s undercut hairstyle sounds more complicated than it really is – just think ‘Peaky Blinders’ and you’re half way there. Not to be confused with the usual tapered or faded crop, this cut has a clean, disconnected, long top section, with short sides. Add volume to the front of the hair without over-styling. Knowing how to add volume to men’s hair without overdoing the product is easy. Just blow dry against the grain, add a small amount of product, and blow dry again for a naturally voluminous finish.


Double high five: Go for a clean shave for the full Peaky Blinders effect, or wear with an unfussy, full beard.


Help us celebrate National High Five Day by sporting one of these hair styles on the last Thursday of April when you take part in the #High5Challenge, and high five anyone else you spot looking as good as you do.