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You do so much for all the people in your life, now it’s time to do something for yourself. Take advantage of the Philips Breast Cancer Awareness app and share it with your friends and relatives.


Why be breast aware?

Whatever your age, size or shape it’s important to take care of your breasts. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK with around 55,000 women diagnosed each year.


More than 80 per cent survive the disease beyond five years and more than 75 per cent survive beyond 10 years but the sooner any problem is diagnosed the better the chance of survival will be.


It’s important

Being breast aware is an important part of caring for your body. It means getting to know how your breasts look and feel, so you know what is normal for you. You can then feel more confident about noticing any unusual changes.


More about screening

Visit Philips website to learn more about fast, comfortable, low-dose breast screening with Philips MicroDose Mammography system.


At the heart of the Philips breast screening technology is our MicroDose SI system. This uses a new photon counting technology, an amazing approach in breast imaging that recognises the importance of minimising radiation exposure whilst providing excellent image quality – giving you more confidence in the results.

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Download the Breast Cancer Care app now so you know what to look for.


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