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IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology*

Accelerate the time from patient referral to treatment

Simplifying a complex process


Radiation therapy can be effective in helping patients overcome cancer. At the same time, radiotherapy processes are often fragmented and inefficient. Uncertainties along the way can impact quality and make it difficult to consistently provide accurate, timely treatment.


IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology* is an intelligent patient management solution designed to accelerate time from referral of the patient to the start of their treatment by managing complexity, improving efficiency and enabling operational excellence.

Baseline workflow
IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology* is a protocol-driven and customizable solution to harmonize the orchestration of the radiotherapy process. Its intuitive dashboards, direct access to external applications and deep integration with hospital IT help you improve your daily workflows and keep a focus on your top priority: your patients.
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Manage complexity by creating a harmonized way of working and transparent communications

Optimize workflow through ProtocolCards that capture:

  • Physician intent
  • Tasks and their order
  • Application management
  • Task-related information

Display user and department tasks on comprehensive, intuitive dashboards

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Improve efficiency by deeply integrating applications, maintaining data integrity, and automating workflow

Enjoy open, vendor agnostic, platform that automates data routing, executes tasks in the background, and launches contextually aware applications

Benefit from interoperability with hospital IT environments (OIS, EMR, PACS, RIS/HIS, HL7, DICOM, LDAP, AD)

Use single sign on (SSO) and easy navigation to key applications

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Enable operational excellence by mitigating risk, documenting results, and discovering insights

Validated, consistent, and tracked changes of patient data

Discover actionable insights on performance and capacity (tracker, workflow analytics)

A walk through IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology*


Meet IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology* and watch the walkthrough video

Radiation Oncology Practice Management

Discover actionable insights on performance and capacity


An integral part of IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology, Practice Management* is a flexible suite of collaborative, tailored solutions that help radiotherapy departments identify and act on data-driven insights to achieve operational excellence. With a combination of technology, analytics and on-site change management, Philips collaborates with you to address performance gaps, monitor progress, and drive sustainable change.

Philips Radiation Oncology Solutions

The confident path to treatment


Philips Radiation Oncology Solutions


Philips offers a proven portfolio of dedicated radiotherapy solutions that span diagnostic imaging to treatment planning. By integrating tools, systems, and software, we help you to improve patient care, accelerate time to treatment, enhance patient satisfaction, while maximizing the value of your investment.

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