Making PeopleCount

    For safer social distancing  in public settings

    PeopleCount: Working past the pandemic and bringing customers back into business with confidence

    Bringing the strength of our partnerships, together with our powerful Android SoC displays. Innovating for you, now.


    Whether for a retail store, supermarket, a cinema or any other public venue, as we all work our way out of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, maintaining safe social distance is a priority. Now, at Philips Professional Display Solutions we are working with our partners across EMEA to combine the power of its Android displays with cutting-edge apps and software, to bring you timely, tested, safe social distancing and capacity management solutions. All designed to equip your customers with the information they need to manage their settings effectively and efficiently, while keeping their customers informed and engaged. Moving your customers and theirs back into business confidently.

    Technology can play a huge role in ensuring customers and staff feel confident, safe and well informed as they make moves back into a new normal.” 

    low-cost smart solution


    Cost effective and flexible into the long term, keep overheads down while reducing the need for staff at the door.

    easy installment


    Easy to install, set entrance limits, and customise content with no internet connection necessary.

    easy queue management


    Simple queue management system makes it clear for visitors to know when they can enter the store.

    people count single enterance

    Making PeopleCountsingle entrance sensor and signage

    The Making PeopleCount uses a Philips display, a Bosch intelligent sensor and our PeopleCount app, connected at the entrance to the premises. This effective solution enables you to track the number of customers entering and leaving a public setting through a single entrance. Delivering real time information to the display for customer queue communications – alerting them when it’s unsafe to enter – via a simple traffic light system. Your simple social distancing solution bringing your business back to life coming out of Covid-19 lockdown.

    people count multi-enterance

    PeopleCount Nowsoftware and signage for capacity management

    Combining a versatile and easily adaptable Philips display together with a people sensing camera and the incredible software from NowSignage, this new multi-entrance solution boasts a range of high value benefits in a cost effective bundle. This fully scalable and secure solution includes full access to NowSignage software, delivering the flexibility to easily design dashboard displays and powerful insights for in-depth management reporting.

    Easy installation

    PeopleCount is designed to make life easier – for customers, for businesses and for integrators. So, the PeopleCount single entry solution, using an intelligent Bosch camera, a Philips display and our unique PeopleCount app, is simple to install and it doesn’t even require an internet connection. Follow our five steps toward encouraging people back into business and into the new norm with confidence.

    Bring customers confidence

    Being installed now into public settings across the globe, PeopleCount is designed to give customers the confidence to step out of the Covid-19 pandemic lock down and back into businesses everywhere. With a low total cost of ownership that quickly pays for itself and an installation process that’s designed to be hassle free. Find out more in our latest case study.

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    The hygiene factor 

    Keeping your Digital Signage Displays and Professional TVs clean and free of dust and fingerprints is essential for the best viewing experience. Now, keeping them free of bacteria and viruses is a critical part of your health and safety practices.


    The hygiene factor associated with interactive displays has long been a talking point and there are more questions than ever before about safe cleaning practices for touch screens. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each of the different products used in your business. Adding these into your device cleaning policies and practices is equally important.


    You can find out more about cleaning the Digital Signage and Professional TVs from Philips Professional Display Solutions with us here.

    Choose the compatible display

    Philips displays, powered by our Android SoC,  are designed to enable easy development and integration of software. Find your Philips display now.

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