Oral malodor

Treat bad breath


An embarrassing complaint


If your patient is suffering from halitosis, they’re probably desperate for a solution. The volatile sulfur compounds released when gram-negative bacteria feed smell terrible. This common but still embarrassing complaint can be tough to get rid of: simply masking it doesn’t work.

Target the source  

The solution is to reduce the gram-negative bacteria in order to help control oral malodor. An oral regimen that includes tongue scraping and rinsing can be very effective in targeting these biofilm. Products that can kill the odor-causing bacteria and neutralize foul smells will treat both the cause and the symptoms of oral malodor. Clinically, periodontal pockets greater than 4mm harbor gram-negative flora, be sure to include this information during your periodontal appointments.


Fresh breath assurance


Philips Sonicare BreathRx is a total oral hygiene regimen that offers superior fresh breath protection in three easy steps: brush, scrape, rinse. All of the products in the BreathRx system are powered by a proprietary blend of Zytex and cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) designed to reduce the gram-negative bacteria and volatile sulfur compounds.

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Philips Sonicare BreathRx

Antibacterial Mouth Rinse


Alcohol-free rinse kills and eliminates bacteria and neutralizes odors.



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Philips Sonicare BreathRx Tongue Cleaner


For safe, comfortable removal of odor-causing bacteria on the tongue's surface.



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Philips Sonicare PerioRx

Whitening Toothpaste


Combines benefits of fluoride, tartar control and enhanced stain removal, with the oral malodor protection of Zytex.


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