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The Philips Foundation is committed to supporting underprivileged and underserved communities around the world in the areas of healthcare, lighting and healthy futures. We use our expertise and knowledge to help develop low-cost, easily-accessible solutions that create meaningful impact in people’s lives.

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“Solving the world's toughest challenges through meaningful innovation.”

our philosophy

Our Philosophy  


We believe that through innovation, we can solve many of the world’s toughest challenges. Working together with industry partners, governments and non-profit organizations, we use the breadth of Philips expertise to enable innovation that relieves and empowers underprivileged and underserved communities.

At the core of our approach is our choice to help create solutions for specific issues rather than solely providing financial support or in-kind contributions. When choosing programs and projects, we focus on issues that are closely aligned with Philips business expertise, such as access to healthcare, access to light and building healthy futures.

Our Programs          

Community investment      


Together with its partners, the Philips Foundation works to support programs in the communities that Philips employees live and work in. The Foundation also facilitates community service opportunities for Philips employees around the world.









Enabling social innovation      


The Philips Foundation works with its partners to support social innovation through providing funds and technical expertise. We focus on enabling social innovation that provides local communities with better access to healthcare and lighting.


“We focus on enabling social innovation that provides local communities with better access  to healthcare and lighting.”

Disaster relief      


The Philips Foundation works to provide disaster relief as quickly as possible in the event of a large-scale natural disaster. To do this we team up with disaster relief partners to provide medical and lighting equipment, technical expertise, as well as personal well-being products, to those in need. We also work to facilitate donations from Philips employees.


disaster relief

Who do we fund?



The Philips Foundation works on a community level with global NGO partners. We support projects around the world in countries where subsidiaries of Philips are present. All funds from the Philips Foundation are directly given to one of our partners.











We do not provide funding to individuals or groups that are unassociated with our partners.
Currently the Philips Foundation is not accepting new funding or partnership proposals.

About us          



The Philips Foundation is a charitable organization launched by Royal Philips in 2014 managed by a dedicated Management Board. The board members make final decisions on projects and partnerships. They are also responsible for shaping the Philips Foundation's strategy and managing performance, budgets and operations.
The Philips Foundation director and two program managers are responsible for managing the Philips Foundation on a daily base. For more information about the governance of the Philips Foundation, please see our policy plan here.


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