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Automotive lighting

Light can help us feel safe when on the road. Bright, clear headlights improve visibility without blinding other drivers with glare. Precise In-car lighting adds comfort without distracting the person who’s driving. For nearly a century, Philips Automotive has been dedicated to providing best in-class lighting solutions in the Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier (OEM, OES) markets. One out of every three cars around the world comes equipped with Philips lamps. 

LED Inspection Lamps

LED Inspection Lamps

Robust and powerful inspection lamps by Philips. Compact size, handy features, and powerful LED lighting illuminate with clarity the widest or narrowest of spaces

Car lighting

Car lighting

Philips 12V car lighting range is a family of lighting solutions designed for the needs and lifestyles of all consumer.

24V Light Bulbs

24V Light Bulbs

View the complete range of 24 Volt light bulbs & lighting solutions for bus/truck fleet owners, transportation departments & garage professionals

Motorcycle lighting

Motorcycle lighting

Our motorcycle lighting solutions not only provide the safety your customer needs, but also the vibration resistance and styling he’s been looking for.

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Make light work of maintenance.Project light where you need it, even in confined spaces, with compact and powerful inspection lamps.Upgrade your customers’ cars with easy-install lights that last longer and shine brighter.


Philips created useful sales and marketing tools to better introduce and sell our products and to satisfy your customer expectations. Tools such as brochures, leaflets and catalogs explain the benefits and the complete offer of Philips innovative, Original Equipment quality lighting products, the new handy wall dispenser lets you find the replacement lamp in no time and the floor and counter displays serve your customers and guide them in their selection of our lighting products.

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Give your customers the latest in lighting innovation. Our LED car lighting systems last longer, shine brighter, and improve comfort for drivers. Drive customer decisions with our attractive marketing materials.

Philips maintains a close relationship with its International Key Accounts Managers which enables us to drive our performance through empowerment, faster decision-making and improved productivity. We have dedicated sales and marketing teams throughout Europe who offer an unparalleled expertise that is tailored to each individual country. We have the experience and logistical know-how to enable local activation campaigns and we provide an infrastructure to set up local promotions with local point-of-sales tools for each specific country.

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As an expert in automotive lamps and professional products such as LED Inspection lamps, Philips offers unparalleled knowledge and awareness of the automotive lighting market. You are offered a wide range and diverse selection of products supported by promotional tools and solutions driven by intuitive category-management tools.


Philips created useful sales and marketing tools to better introduce and sell our products and to satisfy customer expectations. Tools such as leaflets and counter top mats that explain the benefits and show the complete offer of Philips innovative, Original Equipment quality lighting products, floor and counter displays, accompanied by a high-quality application guide to better serve your customers and guide them in their selection of our lighting products.

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Create value for your customers. Generate new revenue streams. Achieve your goals faster. We offer comprehensive marketing support to all of our OES partners, helping your business to grow.

We are committed to bringing customized applications to Original Equipment Suppliers by creating automotive lighting solutions of the highest quality that meet stringent European standards with a zero-defect tolerance. We provide the marketing support you need for your business while creating value for your customers. A working partnership with Philips offers innovative solutions that attract more customers and creates extra revenue for your business.

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We are committed to creating the highest European quality lighting solutions for today’s automotive industry. By building our competences and supporting our customers we create meaningful partnerships that lead to mutual success and innovative lighting solutions.

Philips experience and know-how means that we translate business partnerships into favorable outcomes, enabling local success through global network support. Our commitment to new and innovative styling and concepts means that we offer unique brand signatures that promote safety as well as style. LEDs offer superior thermal performance through a smaller heat sink and a shallower casing depth resulting in greater design flexibility and more cost savings.


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Philips Automotive offers you professional tools and services such as guide tools and trainings to provide you with maximum satisfaction.

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