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    Philips automotive lighting sponsors

    Xavier de Soultrait for the 2019 and 2020 Dakar
      Xavier on the motorcycle

      About Xavier de Soultrait


      Xavier de Soultrait, the best Frenchman of the 2019 Dakar edition, he is no longer unknown as he finished 6th in the general classification of this edition. This 31-year-old driver is part of the official Yamalube Yamaha rally team. His ambition is simple: to win the legendary Dakar race. Is the 2020 edition the right one ?

      For greater safety and visibility during the race, the support trucks will use the latest in headlight-bulb technology.


      “Every morning, we ride the bikes for up to three hours in the dark. The roads are often small with stray animals and multiple obstacles. In these situations, front lighting is essential and I know I can rely on my Lumileds front lighting” - Xavier de Soultrait.



      Philips X-tremeUltinon LED

      EPhilips X-tremeUltinon lamps offer a 12-year life, improved thermal resistance and low energy consumption. The Philips X-tremeUltinon LED lamp beam provides up to 250% more brightness and has a colour temperature of 6,500 K.



      Philips MasterDuty

      By combining vibration resistance, durability and lighting quality, these lamps offer safety, comfort and management benefits for truck fleets. Philips MasterDuty lamps have a colour temperature of 3,200 K. The lighting has been optimised up to 130%* more brightness, allowing truckers to see better and anticipate obstacles and potential dangers.

      * Compared to the minimum legal standard



      Yamaha truck dark blue
      Yamaha truck dark blue
      Yamaha truck dark blue
      Xavier on his motocycle
      Xavier on his motocycle

      LED inspection lamps


      Waterproof and robust, they have been designed to withstand the most extreme conditions of use: splashing, falling, contact with liquids... With a battery life of 6 hours for the Philips RCH10S and 4 hours for the Philips PEN20S, professionals can use these two Philips workshop lamps over a long working period. The 360° rotatable adjustable hook for the Philips RCH10S and the magnets on both lamps allow them to be suspended or fixed easily and anywhere, leaving the user's hands free.With a beam of 80°, the Philips PEN20S is ideal for specific lighting, the Philips RCH10S covers 120° and illuminates the entire working area.

      Follow Xavier

      This is a rider with both eyes on the podium who is not afraid to take risks. Follow his journey via these social media channels and these hashtags.


      #PhilipsAutomotiveLighting #Dakar2019 #PhilipsforXavier

      Xavier on his motocycle

      Quiz yourself

      Which Philips workshop lampes is Xavier using for the maintenance of his motorcycle ?

      How much additional brightness do Philips MasterDuty lamps provide compared with the minimum legal standard ?

      What is the colour temperature of Philips X-tremeUltinon LED lamps?

      About Dakar 2020


      The Dakar is the most important rally raid in the world, pushing competitors to the limit. The 2020 edition takes place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a journey through the most impressive deserts in the world. Every year, men and women from all over the world participate in this sporting challenge, which is recognized as one of the most challenging of our time.

      Xavier on his motocycle

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