Inspection Lamps

LED Inspection and Work lamps

The new LED Inspection and LED Work lamps draw on Philips recognized expertise in the development and use of lighting across a broad range of applications such as shops, homes, offices and automotive lighting. Discover the new and improved Philips LED Inspection lamps and LED Work lamps designed for professionals where precise, visual inspection is important and where safety and comfort is a must. Manufactured exclusively from high-quality materials to the highest Original Equipment quality standards, these advanced LED inspection and work lighting solutions produce natural yet extremely powerful light, ranging from 6 000 K to 6 500 K, which is the best light spectrum for comfortable and concentrated work.





High power LEDs for maximum light performance 

Our lamps feature powerful, high-quality LEDs for a bright, intense light with maximum performance that optimizes clarity and vision.


Highest light output with white LED light 

The white LED light has a high lumen output to guarantee you have more visible light. 


Wide beam angle with even light distribution 

The wide beam of bright light is distributed evenly over the illuminated area, giving you the optimum overview and lighting every detail with pinpoint precision. 


Natural white light (6000 K) for visual comfort 

Our white LEDs have a color temperature of 6000 K. They produce a natural white light that’s easy on the eye, improving visual comfort and reducing eye strain for fatigue-free working.

Extra robust with water, dirt and dust protection 

In extreme environments you need tools that are up to the job. Our lamps are water, dirt and dust protected up to IP68 standards, so they shrug off whatever life throws at them. 


Durable housings that are impact and shock resistant 

Designed for durability, they feature impact- and shock resistant housings that pass the IK07 and IK09 drop tests with flying colors. 


Highly resistant to grease and workshop solvents 

They’re also highly resistant to the grease, chemicals and solvents that are commonly used in workshops, so you can place them anywhere, worry free.

Work better with hands-free lighting 

Hands-free lighting means you can work better too. Our lamps come with clever hooks, clips, detachable cables and magnets, so you can use two hands when you are working and improve your performance. 


Shadow-free beams for optimal visibility 

Wide and focused beams optimize visibility and eliminate shadows, so our lamps are comfortable and easy on the eye.



A versatile range that covers every garage need 

The range of LED lamps provides the best light for every workshop task, from brief inspections to maintenance and repair work. From professional workshop LED penlights and inspection lamps to rechargeable work lamps and multi-directional lighting systems, we have the right lamp for the job.


Long-lasting battery life up to 12 hours 

The batteries in all our lamps are designed to last from 5 to 12 hours. So you can work a full day without interruption and recharge them overnight, ready to start work again the next day.


L12-4 transducer supports up to 5 exam types


Lumify helps in delivering quick and informed assessments whenever you need them. The Lumify L12-4 mobile ultrasound transducer aids in performing procedures like paracentesis and line placements at the point of care with more confidence and efficiency.


C5-2 transducer supports up to 4 exam types


Compact and mobile, Lumify is ideal for rounds, helping you make speedy, confident assessments on the fly. The Lumify C5-2 mobile ultrasound transducer can assist with a variety of exam types, including lung, abdomen, and more.


Defeat Darkness

Professional mechanics and technicians have to solve a variety of complex problems every day. But sometimes the biggest challenge isn’t diagnosing the fault, it’s having the space, light and dexterity to put it right. We can help you illuminate every detail with pinpoint precision.
defeat darkness


Penlights are ideal for quick inspection jobs. Small and rechargeable, they let you work a full day without interruption. Our penlights are robust up to IK07 and offer various hands-free features to facilitate your daily work.

A man is looking at the engine of a car with Philips LED penlight


Hands-free lighting means you can work more easily and effectively. When you need both hands for a tricky task or difficult conditions, our headlights are the ideal tools. The adjustable beam angle and headband, together with unique features like our FindMe LED, help to provide optimal illumination in the workplace
An LED work lamp helps a man to see more clearly while he is fixing a car
An LED work lamp helps a man to see more clearly while he is fixing a car
A worker using Philips rechargeable LED work lamps

Hand light

Our hand lights are highly versatile, covering every need in the toughest conditions. Small or large, cabled or cordless, rechargeable via docking station or micro-USB, in single- or dual-light mode, they make ideal tools for the professional. Their tough, durable design and multi-directional beam mean they can cope in any situation

Specialized light

We’ve designed our specialized work lights to simplify your daily work without compromising on light output or toughness. Our hybrid hood lamp is specifically tailored for work in the engine compartment and has a 360° rotating light along with a telescopic holder. We’ve also developed a unique 3-in-1 module that includes powerful but compact work lights offering high impact resistance and a full set of accessories for hands-free use.
Car with open hood
Un professionnel utilisant des lampes d'atelier LED rechargeables Philips



Our wide-beam floodlights deliver powerful white light exactly where you need it. Their unique dimming function and high color-rendering index guarantee a clear view of any task. Exceptional durability, to IK09 and IP68 standards, combined with robust design mean they can withstand the toughest environments

Automotive Tools


Philips Automotive offers you professional tools and services such as guide tools and trainings to provide you with maximum satisfaction.

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