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The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme​

Recycle your dental care products with Philips

    We know sustainability and recycling is important, and we are making strong progress in our efforts to make the world healthier and more sustainable. We’ve partnered with TerraCycle® to create a recycling programme for dental care products.
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    What is the Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme all about?

    Every year dental care products end up in landfill across the UK. We are working with TerraCycle® to put an end to this enormous loss of resources.​

    The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme allows us to recycle dental care products and prevents them from ending up in landfill. Not only are you helping the environment, but the waste you recycle with us also helps to raise money for charitable organisations and schools.

    What can I recycle?


    Electiric toothbrush heads
    Electric toothbrush heads and covers
    Electiric flosser nozzies
    Electric flosser nozzles
    Flossing sticks
    Flossing sticks and interdental brushes
    Dental floss containers
    Dental floss containers

    Waste that is NOT accepted:​

    • Battery operated toothbrushes​
    • Electric toothbrush handles​
    • Manual toothbrushes​
    • Toothpaste tubes and caps​
    • Outer cardboard and plastic packaging for toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and floss containers​
    • Dental floss​
    • Batteries

    How Can I recycle my dental care products?

    How can I get involved?


    1.  Dropping them off at a public drop-off location

    You can find your nearest public drop-off location on the interactive map here. You can then drop off your dental care products. Please see TerraCycle®’s guidelines on how to recycle COVID-19 safely.


    2. By setting up your own public drop-off location

    If you would like to set up and host your own public drop-off location, you can do so.


    For more information on public drop-off locations and what it involves to set one up, please visit the TerraCycle® page here.



    All you need  to know about the Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme


    Thanks to a partnership with UPS, all carbon emissions generated by packages containing waste shipped to TerraCycle® are offset by carbon reduction programmes, meaning there are no net carbon emissions into the environment.

    For more information on carbon offsetting, visit the TerraCycle® webpage.

    Going to the dentist?

    • Your local practice may have a collection point. Find your nearest collection point here.
    • Are you a dental practice? Sign up to host a collection point here.

    We have currently recycled 50KG of dental waste. Thank you!

    Frequently asked questions

    What is TerraCycle®?

    TerraCycle® is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste. TerraCycle®​ offers a range of free programmes that are funded by conscientious companies, as well as recycling solutions available for purchase for almost every form of waste. To date, over 202 million people are collecting in 21 countries and have collected billions of pieces of waste, raising over 44 million dollars for charities around the world.​

    More information can be found on  TerraCycle®'s website here.

    What can I recycle? 
    The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme WILL accept all brands of electric toothbrush heads and covers, electric flossing nozzles, flossing sticks, interdental brushes and dental floss containers. 
    What can’t I recycle?
    This recycling programme will NOT accept battery operated toothbrushes, electric toothbrush handles, manual toothbrushes toothpaste tubes and caps, outer cardboard and plastic packaging for toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss containers, dental floss, batteries.
    What happens with the recycled waste?
    TerraCycle®'s role is to convert the material into a usable format so that manufacturers in the plastic industry can use this raw material as a part of their production. Philips’ ambition is to collect 2 tonnes of waste from landfill through this programme.
    Who can sign up? How do they go about this?
    Collectors can sign up to the programme through the dedicated programme page on the TerraCycle® website. Being a public drop-off location point will enable them to download free shipping labels to send their waste as well as appear on the interactive public access drop-off location map. Consumers will then be able to drop-off their dental care products at those locations. 
    How do I participate in The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme?

    You can participate in this scheme in two ways:​

    By dropping your waste off off at a public drop-off location:​

    Find your nearest public drop-off location on the interactive map here, and drop off your dental care products including any brand of electric toothbrush heads and covers electric flosser nozzles, flossing sticks interdental brushes or dental floss containers.​


    By setting up a public drop-off location:​

    If there are no public drop-off locations within a 5-mile radius, you can set up your own. Simply follow the steps below:​


    Create a TerraCycle® account​

    Find a public place to host your collection (with the prior consent of the person in charge of the place)​

    Fill out this form to request to join the programme as a public drop-off location administrator

    Where can I find more information?

    To learn more about TerraCycle®, visit their page here.​

    To learn more about Sustainability at Philips click here.​

    To learn more about refurbished products from Philips, click here.

    How should I recycle my dental care product?

    When you are finished with your dental care product, rinse it under hot water to get any excess product off it.

    Bring your dental care product to the nearest location to drop it off.

    Wash or sanitise your hands before placing your product in the bin.

    Once you have placed your dental care product in the bin, wash or sanitize your hands.

    How can I recycle my electronic toothbrush handle?

    There are two ways to recycle an electric toothbrush in the UK.


    Kerbside collection

    Your local authority may collect small electrical items including your electric toothbrush. Visit your local council page to see if they collect small electrical items. This is usually found under ‘what can I Recycle.’ If they do, follow the guidance provided to get your electric toothbrush collected and recycled.


    Recycling centre

    Another way to recycle your electric toothbrush is to take it along to your local recycling center. To find your nearest one, visit Recyclenow.

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    We kindly ask you to follow the government’s rules and only drop off your waste while you are carrying out an essential task, such as visiting the grocery store, travelling to work, travelling to school or getting some exercise.

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