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    Refurbished products  

    Our choices shape our future

    Philips approved refurbished products

    At Philips, we renew products returned by our customers to give them a second life. Always striving for the highest quality, our refurbished products offer you a more sustainable alternative, whilst saving you money.You can also pay later in 30 days or split the cost into 3 monthly instalments with Klarna at checkout.

    Did you know that Philips ranks #1 on Fortune’s Change the World “Sustainability All Stars” list? 

    Refurbished products two-year warranty

    2-year warranty

    Expect the same global two-year warranty for refurbished Philips products as you would from the new range. Our refurbished products are restored and inspected according to strict quality tests and high hygiene and safety standards.
    Refurbished products sustainable alternative

    Sustainable alternative

    Refurbished Philips products are pre-owned or returned unused, and restored to give them a second life. Your purchase decisions can help make a difference in supporting sustainable living and reducing our environmental footprint. Our refurbished products are a more sustainable option as they have a reduced impact on the planet and help all of us make better choices.
    Refurbished products save money

    Save money

    Prices for refurbished Philips products are at least 10% lower than the recommended retail price for the equivalent new product. Choosing refurbished is a conscious way to increase the lifetime value of the product while saving you money. For further flexibility, you can also split the cost into 3 monthly instalments with Klarna at checkout.  
    Refurbished products high quality support

    High quality support

    Once you have received your refurbished product, you can expect the same service and technical support as you would get for any new one. Parts and accessories for our refurbished products are also available on our online store.

    Most popular refurbished products

    Step 1
    Returned products are inspected for potential damages.
    Step 2
    Based on this inspection, a decision is made to refurbish these products or to harvest parts.
    Step 3
    The products selected for refurbishment are thoroughly cleaned to ensure test accuracy.
    Step 4
    Testing is completed on each of the products

    to ensure that they are fully operational and meet Philips’ high-quality standards.

    Step 5
    Required repairs are made, and any necessary parts are replaced with original Philips components.
    Step 6
    All of the refurbished products are thoroughly cleaned again to look as close to new as possible.
    Step 7
    The products are repacked in their original packaging,
    if undamaged. If it is damaged, a box made of recycled cardboard is used.
    Step 8
    Confident that each of the refurbished products meets Philips quality, safety and hygiene standards, they are all certified with a global two-year warranty.

    Learn more about our sustainability mission

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    Great quality options at a lower price and minimum impact on the planet. All products are backed by our global two-year warranty