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Take-home whitening
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Convenient solutions tailored to patients' lifestyles


When it comes to whitening there is no “one size fits all.” Now, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect fit for every patient. We’ve taken our same superior formulas of Philips Zoom! DayWhite and NiteWhite and redesigned them around specific patient needs. They get the whiter smile they want, with a safe and effective formula you’ll be proud to recommend.

• Unique ACP formula for the best sensitivity and enamel protection

• Dual barrel technology - no need for refrigeration

• A choice of whitening options for every patient


The Science

Philips Zoom! - Unparalleled sensitivity management and improved whitening

Philips Zoom! take-home products are the only take-home whiteners to combine ACP, potassium nitrate and fluoride.

The only brand to offer the power of 3

Amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP)

Potassium Nitrate



Clinically proven to:

Minimise sensitivity and aid in the remineralisation process after whitening

Minimise post treatment fade back

Give teeth a lustrous, glossy sheen

Sensitivity is an important part of the pre-treatment conversation for whitening

Explain the cause of the sensitivity to patients

Explain that the discomfort is not a sign of damage to the tooth but a temporary response from the tooth pulp to the levels of hydrogen peroxide

Explain to the patient that Philips Zoom! whitening products are the only brand to offer a combination of ingredients proven to minimise sensitivity

Twice as many patients reported no sensitivity when using NiteWhite with ACP versus whitening without ACP1.

No more refrigeration

The dual barrel system, unique to Philips Zoom!, means products do not require refrigeration.

The optimal pH level for chemical reactions is around pH 7-9. Generally at this pH peroxide is unstable and therefore requires refrigeration. Philips Zoom! has developed a unique dual barrel system where the peroxide is held in a separate chamber at a stable pH of 4-5 without the need for refrigeration. This is then mixed with the ‘activator’ to raise the pH to 7-9 at point of use.

Convenience and protection for healthy take-home whitening

Philips Zoom! take-home whitening products offer a variety of convenient take-home formulations to suit your patients preferences.

How ACP Works

Philips Zoom! Nite White ACP and Day White ACP teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth during a whitening treatment.
ACP clusters fill open dentinal tubules, reducing sensitivity.
ACP crystallizes into a new coating of hydroxyapatite, rebuilding enamel and filling surface defects on the teeth to add luster.

Philips Zoom! DayWhite and NiteWhite

Zoom Header

Philips Zoom! DayWhite


6% Hydrogen Perioxide concentration

Ideal for:
Patients who frind their teeth
Patients who prefer to wear their bleaching trays for shorter periods of time

Shade results: optimal results within 2 weeks
Wear time: 30 minutes twice daily    

Zoom Header 2

Philips Zoom! NiteWhite

Available in Carbamide or Hydrogen Peroxide

Best for:
Patients with grey or tentracycline staining
Patients who prefer to wear their bleaching trays overnight

Shade results: optimal results within 1-2 weeks
Wear time: overnight or minimum of 4-6 hours

Available in a choice of formulations:
Carbamide Perioxide Concentration
Hydrogen Perioxide Equivalent

Take-home whitening portfolio

DayWhite Gentle 6% HP
DayWhite Gentle 6% HP

Sensitive formula
NiteWhite Maximum white 16% CP
NiteWhite Maximum
white 16% CP

Overnight whitening

DayWhite Take-Home Case Study

Patient came for a second opinion after being offered a veneer for 21.
Results after two weeks of day white 6% on 13, 21, 23, 33, 43.
Images reproduced with the kind permission of Zaki Kanaan, K2 Dental.
1. Giniger, Macdonald, Ziemba, Felix. The clinical performance of professionally dispensed bleaching gel with added amorphous calcium phosphate. Jad vol 136 March 2005.

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Whitening provides an opportunity to increase business for your practice. Philips Zoom! will help you to maximise this potential.

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