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Grab your VitaBreath before you leave the house, and you’ll have confidence knowing recovery is just a few breaths away.

There when you need it

Simply press the start button, wait for VitaBreath to warm up, and breathe through the mouthpiece until you recover.

Recover quickly

In clinical trials, VitaBreath users demonstrated a shorter recovery time from breathlessness using VitaBreath than using their standard recovery tools.

Truly discreet

Small enough to fit in your pocket and ready at a moment’s notice, VitaBreath helps you catch your breath when you need it.

Drug-free therapy

The first of its kind, VitaBreath works in harmony with your current therapies to relieve shortness of breath quickly.

Long-life Battery

The rechargeable lithium ion battery gives you peace of mind that your VitaBreath is charged up when you need it.


The highlights and detailed specifications for VitaBreath.

Is VitaBreath right for you?

Before you make your next physician appointment, take our short quiz to determine if you can benefit from VitaBreath.

Talking to your physician?

Before you visit your physician for a prescription take a look at the kind of questions that might be useful to ask.

Get your VitaBreath

VitaBreath requires a prescription from your physician. If you don't have a prescription but think you might benefit from using VitaBreath, please take our short quiz.
If you have a prescription for VitaBreath, please call our customer services team who will be more than happy to help you with your order.
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