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VitaBreath helps COPD patients

recover quickly from dyspnea

associated with physical exertion.

VitaBreath provides bi-level pressure therapy to relieve a patient’s shortness of breath. The inspiratory pressure of 18 cm H2O helps to reduce the patient’s work of breathing. The expiratory pressure support of 8 cm H2O provides resistance to keep the patient’s airway open.


VitaBreath has fixed pressure settings to make it easy for clinicians to prescribe and patients to use. In internal studies, 18/8 was found to be clinically effective across a wide number of patients¹.


The algorithm within VitaBreath detects the patient’s breathing pattern and provides the right pressure when needed. It does not provide timed breaths.


VitaBreath is intended to help eliminate the fear of dyspnea as an excuse for patients to not be active.


Discover how VitaBreath can help your COPD patients.



1. Mahadevan A. et al, The Impact of PEP, CAP and Bilevel in post-exercise recovery from dyspnea in COPD Patients. ERJ September 1, 2012 vol. 40 no.Suppl 56 P3532