Seamless integrated cardiology solutions

Seamless care pathways.
Optimised length of stay.

Explore an integrated cardiology ecosystem of data and devices working together to help you provide efficient and effective cardiac care in the most appropriate setting.

Getting cardiovascular care patients home faster

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At Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute they are treating cardiovascular patients in the least invasive way possible, saving costs and getting patients back home as quickly as possible1.

Optimising the length of stay in cardiology

Cardiovascular care delivery no longer hinges on individual department performance but on building bridges and bridging gaps that exist among providers, between sites, and across time. Read how we are partnering with hospitals to design and build new business and care models, to innovate care and manage risk.

Podcast: Building the cath lab of the future

with Philips executive Atul Gupta, MD
With clinical procedures becoming less and less invasive, patients that once spent weeks in hospital now experience faster recovery times and shorter stays. Atul Gupta MD, Interventional Radiologist, and Chief Medical Officer for Philips Image Guided Therapy discusses what this transformation means for hospitals and what the cath lab of the future might look like.

Building partnerships.
Breaking barriers.

We work in partnership with health systems to help drive innovation, support their financial and operational goals, and enable their transformation in a value-driven era. The result can be both operational excellence and more connected, predictive and personalized care delivery.


1 Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions.

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See the benefit of a single vendor connecting data and devices across your department, hospital, and network-from first patient intervention, to advanced diagnostics and minimally invasive treatment, through to billing and reporting.

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