Managed maintenance services

    Managed Maintenance Services

    OEM standard maintenance services for medical equipment, delivered through one contract and one contact

    What is a Managed Maintenance Service (MMS)?

    Healthcare providers are continually challenged to deliver optimal clinical and operational quality at lower cost across complex environments. To support delivery, providers often engage multiple suppliers through separate and inconsistent service agreements.

    Philips Managed Maintenance Services go beyond traditional break-fix, providing OEM standard, vendor agnostic quality and performance across all medical equipment, delivered through one contract and one contact.

    Philips takes full responsibility for asset management and maintenance, working against agreed SLAs, enabling providers to optimise their time, while benefiting from improved system availability, service resilience, improved cost certainty, reduced staff pressures and improved patient experience.

    Philips’ ability to provide asset planning and optimisation services, combined with performance management solutions, offers a platform to deliver operational, clinical and financial control, empowering providers to drive change and ultimately extend the partnership towards further transformational solutions.

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    One contract and one contact, delivering OEM quality that goes beyond break fix

    Managed Maintenance Service cycle
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    Asset and programme management provides a platform for the core Managed Maintenance solution with full cost-certainty, based on accurate data, service records and reporting.

    All fully supported by a Philips Customer Delivery Manager and Helpdesk.

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    Going beyond a traditional service - value-added solutions enable Trusts to optimise asset usage and performance, and introduce long-term asset and financial planning.

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    Enhanced training and education on new and upgraded assets throughout the partnership.

    Vendor Neutral Managed Maintenance

    Transferring the risk and complexity of managing planned preventative and reactive maintenance with multiple suppliers across all assets, providing an easy-to-use consistent ‘right-sized’ service with guaranteed levels of equipment availability.

    Patient Experience

    Right equipment, right place, right time.
    High service availability improves patient confidence, resulting in improved timeliness and quicker outcomes.

    Staff Experience

    Significant reduction in maintenance administration through one contract, one contact – releasing more time for patient care and staff education.

    Future Planning

    Our asset management systems provide a point of reference and tools, enabling greater control of long-term asset lifecycle management and replacement.

    Accurate Data

    Asset management systems provide accurate information and service records enabling detailed performance reporting, regulatory compliance and quality control.

    Financial Control

    Flexible, transparent fixed-cost solutions, optimised to deliver OEM level quality and performance to meet  healthcare providers’ service delivery requirements.

    Performance Management

    Providing access to asset performance data, right-sized equipment usage and maintenance requirements, maximising patient throughput and clinical outcomes. KPIs allow performance to be measured and ensure a guaranteed level of service.

    Building a Partnership

    One contract and one contact to engage stakeholders, aligned around shared goals and deliver a platform for growth.

    Managed Maintenance Services address your quadruple aim goals

    Improved patient experience

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    • Guaranteed SLAs and equipment uptime which minimises disruptions to patient visits and improves overall experience.
    • Optimised equipment availability and operational efficiency  supports reduction of patient waiting times.

    Better health outcomes​

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    • Well maintained, updated equipment and optimised availability, enables improved patient throughput, diagnoses and treatment.

    Improved staff experience​

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    • Philips’ ‘One contract and one contact’ approach improves staff efficiency, enables increased focus on direct patient care and delivers standardised OEM levels of service,  across all medical equipment.
    • More accurate medical equipment data and record storage, supports confident involvement with regulatory and financial audits.
    • Philips’ local multi-vendor engineers and MMS helpdesk work in collaboration with our customers, as extended members of their teams.
    • Remote diagnostics and proactive intervention, optimise equipment uptime.

    Lower ​cost of care​

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    • ‘Right-sized’ solution across all equipment, in line with service needs, aims at delivering cost efficiency, improved asset utilisation and reduced waste.
    • Transferring risk with agreed SLAs, delivers service confidence and cost certainty.
    • Accurate inventory data and assessment planning facilitates confident long-term financial planning.

    Hospitals around the globe are working with Philips for Managed Maintenance Services:

    Verduno, Italy

    Delivering continuous technology improvement at ASL CN2, Michele and Pietro Ferrero Hospital, Verduno, Italy

    Munchen Klinik, Germany

    Enhancing quality and efficiency at München Klinik, Germany

    Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

    Sustained provision of services at Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

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