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Shortness of breath and the anxiety experienced during dyspnea is a real concern for COPD patients. Many avoid daily activities to reduce the risk of experiencing these episodes. VitaBreath provides bi-level pressure therapy to relieve patients’ shortness of breath brought on by physical activity. The inspiratory support of 18 cmH²O combined with the expiratory support of 8 cmH²O helps to reduce the patient's work of breathing. VitaBreath is a non-pharmaceutical therapy device that can be used with existing medications and therapies.

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The highlights and detailed specifications for VitaBreath.

Discover the benefits

Small, lightweight, non–pharmaceutical therapy to help you recover quickly when you are short of breath due to physical exertion.

Clinical information

Clinical research papers and abstracts exploring the benefits of bi-level pressure therapy on dyspnea in COPD patients.