Philips vibration resistance

24V headlamps are specifically designed to withstand the extreme stress and vibrations to which your trucks and heavy machinery are subjected. Rough roads and vibration are a frequent cause of headlamp failure.


  • An increased stiffness of mount and base to provides the ultimate protection against mechanical shock.

  • A robust double-coil filament is designed to withstand a wide range of vibration frequencies while remaining stable.

Round-the-clock resistance

  • We mount the lamps on a vibration platform simulating the real driving conditions.
  • We run this platform continuously through all possible vibration frequencies ranging from 80Hz to 1 000Hz.
  • For vibration frequencies between 80Hz and 150Hz, the lamps encounter up to 13.8 G (gravitational force). 
  • For vibration frequencies between 150Hz and 1000Hz, the lamps encounter up to 6.9 G. 
  • During the test cycle, the lamps are switched on and off with a switching cycle of 10 minutes on and off. The total test time is twenty hours.
Vibration graph


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