Live Image Guidance

Making the difference with Philips Live Image Guidance

Intuitive integration of live imaging, patient information, and procedure-based applications optimizes real-time therapy guidance.

With Philips Live Image Guidance we strive to remove the barriers to safer, effective, and reproducible treatment. Intuitive integration of live imaging, patient information, and procedure-based applications optimizes real-time therapy guidance.


Build your clinical reputation and realize new revenue opportunites by extending your procedural mix. Increase your return on investment with tailored services to enhance uptime.


Together we can make the difference in minimally invasive treatment by opening doors to new procedures and techniques that drive growth and reduce costs.


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Advancing image guided therapy
Industry leader Volcano is now part of Philips

Greater insight and confidence in finding and treating the problem


Our Live Image Guidance expands clinical capabilities through intelligent and intuitive integration of multi-modality images at the point of treatment, enabling confident diagnoses and real-time therapy monitoring.

Better user experience to promote consistency and efficiency


By combining disease centric tools, patient data, and procedural protocols in a single suite, clinicians are supported in each of their specific disciplines. This simplifies clinical workflow and promotes efficiency.

Lower barriers for minimally invasive interventions


An innovative set of techniques, programs, and practices are used to deliver high quality imaging for a full range of clinical procedures at ultra low dose. This enables comfortable treatment of radiation-sensitive patients and helps manage staff exposure.

Increased economic value


We are committed to working with you to reduce re-admissions, streamline work flow, and increase patient volume by opening the door to new procedures and techniques. By supporting a wide range of procedures you can increase system utilization and reduce the total cost of ownership. Flexible service contracts protect your investment over its entire lifecycle, increasing uptime and providing easy access to upgrades and innovations.

Treating cardiac diseases

Enhanced visualization and live image-guided navigation through soft tissue, helps you determine the optimal course of treatment with confidence. From routine coronary to the most complex structural heart, congenital, or ablation procedure, our Live Image Guidance solutions provide assistance.


This enables clinicians to complete fast, effective and simplified procedures with an efficient clinical workflow and outcome.


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Treating vascular diseases and cancer

Work with confidence to determine the optimal course of treatment. Leverage multimodality Live Image Guidance and 3D data to quickly assess the nature and location of pathology, like tumor, lesions or vascular occlusions and reveal hidden complexities to initial treatment strategy.


Receive immediate intra-operative feedback on therapy response. Whether you are implanting a device, treating an aneurysm, embolizing a tumor or removing a clot, our technology helps you to navigate in real time to the target and enable your clinical decision-making.


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Treating orthopedic injuries and disorders

Visualizing complex bone structures to precisely place screws and implants can be a challenge. Achieving the proper position for targeted, undistorted, high-contrast images is critical. Our mobile surgical imaging solutions provide the flexibility to seamlessly support a wide range of complex orthopedic procedures.


From open to minimally invasive, from spinal surgery to fracture repair, they facilitate quick positioning and easy patient access. For even the most challenging cases, high-contrast distortion-free images can increase diagnostic/treatment confidence.


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