Philips at MEDICA 2016

    Innovative medical technology for complex challenges in healthcare

    14th – 17th of November – Düsseldorf, Germany


    Efficient and high quality patient care requires first-class medical technology solutions. We are looking forward to presenting our newest innovations at MEDICA, with a special focus on connected care solutions.

    Philips at MEDICA 2016 health continuum

    Philips @ MEDICA 2016 - Connected all along the health continuum

    Videos about Philips innovations at MEDICA:
    Medica Omnisphere offers a comprehensive view of your ultrasound data

    Omnisphere offers a comprehensive view of your ultrasound data

    Medica in vitro diagnostic at point of care with Minicare I-20

    In vitro diagnostic at point of care with Minicare I-20

    Medica Philips smart watch

    Take the small steps to better health

    Medica HomeSafe and CareSage

    HomeSafe and CareSage - Greater safety to enable autonomous living

    Medica Connected Care Solutions for Consumers and Professionals

    Connected Care Solutions for Consumers and Professionals

    Medica Ultrasound Innovations - EPIQ Evolution 3.0 / Affiniti Continuum 1.0

    Ultrasound Innovations - EPIQ Evolution 3.0 / Affiniti Continuum 1.0

    medica Innovations that impact patient outcomes

    Innovations that impact patient outcomes

    medica philips respironics Innovation in sleep therapy and respiratory care

    Philips Respironics: Innovation in sleep therapy and respiratory care

    Medica Philips Innovation Forum 2016

    Philips Innovation Forum 2016

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    Making connections along the health continuum

    Health Continuum
    From healthy lifestyles, through to prevention, diagnosis and treatment, to support for autonomous living at home: Philips addresses the needs of consumers and patients along the entire care chain and develops  solutions  that bring together service providers with patients.In this way, we contribute significantly towards consistently taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digitization in healthcare.

    Our highlights at MEDICA


    At MEDICA 2016, we will be presenting innovative solutions in the areas of emergency medicine, intensive care, patient care and monitoring solutions, sleep therapy, ultrasound and ventilation.



    Philips OmniSphere

    More information to enable fast, clear decisions


    Philips OmniSphere supports you in managing your ultrasound devices efficiently and easily.

    EPIQ 7 HeartModel

    Philips Epic 7 HeartModel

    Anatomical intelligence in echocardiography


    The Philips HeartModelᴬᴵ enables the chambers on the left of the heart to be easily and quickly quantified using a unique volume loop system. Even small changes to the ejection fraction (EF) are recognised.

    Affiniti 70

    Philips Affiniti 70

    Convenience meets expertise


    The Affiniti 70 ultrasound system combines outstanding performance and optimised workflows to ensure fast and reliable diagnostics.

    Patient monitoring

    Alarm management from signal to action

    Philips Alarm Management
    From patient sensors and monitors to mobile solutions, our distributed alarm management solution offers reporting and analysis to help you manage alarms, so that no matter where you are in the hospital you have access to the data you need to assess your patients' condition.

    IntelliVue Guardian software from Philips

    Philips IntelliVue Guardian
    Philips unveils next-generation of IntelliVue Guardian software to aid clinicians in identifying potential signs of early deteriorations. New features include compatibility with SureSigns VS4 spot check monitors and connectivity with the Wearable Biosensor

    Solutions for emergency medicine and intensive care



    Multimodal, non-pharmacological management of delirium


    Up to 80% of patients on an intensive care unit are affected by delirium. This malfunction in the brain causes hallucinations, confusion and a lack of orientation. Other patients withdraw into themselves and lose any interest in their environment. When delirium occurs, the mortality rate increases both on the intensive care unit and after discharge from hospital. Medication-based pharmacological treatment options are limited. With VitalMinds, Philips is taking a preventive, non-pharmacological approach to delirium management. VitalMinds approach consists of employee training, cognitive learning exercises, noise reduction, orientation aids and circadian lighting.

    Philips VitalMinds

    Minicare I-20

    Philips Minicare I-20

    Patient-oriented blood tests when every minute counts:


    Minicare I-20 provides troponin results of laboratory quality within 10 minutes, for patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome – from just a single drop of blood.

    Philips Respironics V680

    Philips Respironics v680

    Two ventilators in one - it´s a smart choice


    The Respironics V680 is the only full featured, cost-effective advanced critical care life support ventilator combined with our market-leading noninvasive ventilation (NIV) technology that provides single-limb NIV technology and continuous measurements of dynamic lung mechanics in all modes



    Philips DreamStation
    DreamStation sleep therapy devices are designed to be as natural, comfortable, and easy to experience as sleep is intended to be. Connecting patients and care teams seamlessly, DreamStation devices help empower users to embrace their care with confidence, and enable care teams to practice more efficient and effective patient management. All DreamStation devices include a comprehensive suite of features to help make it easier for patients starting PAP therapy and for their continued long-term use.


    Philips DreamWear

    With its innovative top of head connection , DreamWear gives your patient the freedom to move and the choice to sleep how they want.

    The under-the-nose cushion prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation in the nostrils or on the nose bridge*


    Philips Wisp

    With its “tip-of-the-nose” cushion , Wisp delivers a minimal contact experience with an exceptional seal.

    With a range of cushion and headgear sizes , Wisp family nasal mask serves infants to adults for continuity and consistency in their therapy experience.

    Connected Care Solutions


    At MEDICA 2016, we are focusing in particular on connected care. At our Connected Health Booth (hall 15, stand E44), we are presenting series of innovations: from our HealthSuite Digital Platform to solutions for preventing hospital admissions and strengthening compliance among older patients, to our personalised health programmes.

    Philips Customer Service

    Philips Customer Services


    Count on us as your patients count on you.


    By teaming up with Philips to take care of your systems you can worry about what really matters – delivering better care, to more people, at lower cost. Our flexible services and education offerings may be adapted to your needs in order to support your internal teams.