Remote enablement - value driven by data analytics

Remote enablement - Provide insights to support asset availability, security and performance

Powered by Philips PerformanceBridge Focal Point

Remote enablement helps you address healthcare challenges today and tomorrow. By providing data-centric insights into your device landscape and networks, it supports potential improvements in asset availablity, security and performance.

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Unlock potential, drive value with remote enablement

As your hospital networks become more complex, managing devices, delivering security and controlling costs places a strain on resources. Your networks must serve multiple functions, including alarm systems, EMRs and a growing number of devices. At the same time, the pressure is on to support better health outcomes, lower the cost of care and improve patient and staff experience. Remote enablement powered by PerformanceBridge Focal Point supports you to make data-driven decisions to efficiently manage operations and business, and support clinical outcomes.


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21.1 million 
healthcare records containing confidential data have been breached since 20201

Data is leaked or exposed in
of cyber attacks2

The 10 biggest healthcare data breaches of 2021 impacted over
22.6 million

115 days
That's how long a cyberattack could disrupt your operations for4




4. Cyber Incident Tracer #HEALTH (

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