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Building your COPD
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This infographic details how to build your multidisciplinary executive care team and what contribution you can expect from each team member.

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When it comes to addressing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it's easy to feel overwhelmed, Becky Anderson, RRT, Manager of Respiratory Care Services at the Sanford Medical Center, has 2 overarching pieces of advice:
1) Don't wait to start and 2) Don't spend months deliberating and discussing.


The best way to address COPD is to take action now. And forming a multidisciplinary executive care team is an essential step. Here's how to form your team and what contributions you can expect from each team member.


The high-level pitch:

Patients with COPD don't just have COPD. They have lots of comorbidities along with major life factors they are dealing with. If you only address COPD without looking at the full picture, you can expect those patients to come back soon after being discharged. If we approach it as a multidisciplinary team, we can provide more robust care to help get patients home and stay home after discharge. And we can start moving to prevention, which means better results and lower costs.''

Your COPD executive care team

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